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“9 is my number, now and forever. Girls' Generation is my everything.”


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Hi there!

I'm not very good at this introduction stuff... Well, I play guitar, write lyrics and compose songs on my free time. In the future, I would love to proceed to studying music. No kidding. I love music and it gives me inner peace :3 Oh, and I like to read and write also. Add me as a fried and/or chat with me! I accept all friend requests and try to reply every message I get.


Multi fandom, but mostly Soshi owns my heart. Do you have a bias in SNSD, is the hardest question for me. They are all so wonderful and lovely women that choosing an ultimate bias amongst them is HARD! But for now, Tiffany has captured my heart.


She's there just being her fabulous herself, doing her thing while slaying everyone. I'm here like:


Okay, I'm a bit of a perv... But aren't we all..? At least a little? Admit it! You are too!


What are you doing over there, being all gorgeous and taking my breath away?




That a good girl!

Yes, you go ahead. I'll be right there!

You readers have fun reading my stories while I got to go...over there...with her...





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I'm also a writer on AFF,  here's the link to my profile:

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