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i am13 yrs old and I love Mexican food, Teen Titans, Batgirl, Warriors, Divergent, John Green, Super Smash Bros, Twilight, anime, sushi, reading,  and Vampire Knight! I ship Zero and Yuki. I have the world's most annoying brother and my mother is kinda protective... 

I am currently reading The Great Gatsby. 

My best friends are Tulla, Bailey, Hannah (my awesome aunt who is a couple months older than me), Lanie, Wynter, and Angie.

 P.S.-- I'm sagittarius




Hiya!I’m Tulla and i’m 13 yrs old . Lynn is like a sister to me and me and her go to the same charter school. I’m generally a very weird nice person(who is pretty awesome), i’m usually very honest, i’m loyal and sisterly. Though i hold grudges worse than a camel (and boy can camels hold grudges) and eventhough i’m really good at controlling my temper when i do snap it’s not pretty.i ’m also pretty shy until i get to know someone and i can be a pretty good leader on short notice, i also enjoy helping people :). I like drawing (check out my deviantart, darkblades2001 ), reading, anime, nightcore,super smash bros.(3ds version),taking care of younger kids, COOKIES,my family and friends, chocolate, nerf battle axes, toy weapons, fanfiction, animals and nature, and learning new things and some other stuff. i’m also fluent in 2 languages and i know 3 other languages (not really fluently but enough to understand).

p.s i’m a libra.

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