Nov 30 (26 yrs old)
Korea, Republic of
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I am an artist willing to provide these services:

  • Graphics
  • Reviewer

Please request service on my site or my wall.

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About Me



 I Love You 

for visiting my profile

hello there.

my name is hime.

that's not my real name, of course.

you'll be really funny if you think it is.

i think i'm like, really weird?

i'm very straight forward.

my attitude depends on how you treat me.

please, no advertising.


 Will You Join

i claim these people as mine

taylor swift.

one direction.

animes (although it's not a person.)

mangas (although it's not a person too.)


Me in Heaven?

where can you find me? because it's popular nowadays tbh

nowhere else, sorry.

i like keeping my stuffs private here.




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