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Everyone is split into teams whether they like it or not.

Every individual has their specialty.

Their specialty is their power.

Their power is their life.




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Jennavieve Flores.

The name of the girl who has lived on Earth for 10 years of her life.

The name of the girl who has survived the Night of Fantasy for 3 years.

What is the Night of Fantasy?

The Night of Fantasy is a place, it cannot be considered a dark place nor can it be described as a light place. The Night of Fantasy is a place of wonders and the fun only starts at night.

There are four teams: The Fire Phoenixes; The Ice Serpents; The Blizzard Ghosts and The Stone Golems.

Each team must kill to survive. If you die in The Night of Fantasy, you die in real life. Every ten kills in the Night of Fantasy gives you the ability to summon a loved one from the grave even if they aren’t in your team. The summoned would be revived into your team but every time you kill, you can also be killed because life is a game.

The Night of Fantasy can be a beautiful place, but the night is still young and what you see is all an illusion.



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jj_maple [A]  on says:
Thank-you everyone! I didn't think this story would get featured! Please continue being awesome :)

loveynovy  on says:
Love it! :)

CheqBeah96  on says:
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!!!

IFeelGood  on says:
After reading the first chapter, I honestly had to retread it.
Could you post a new chapter soon with more information of the characters and stuff?
Looking forward to it

IFeelGood  on says:
Cool story, somewhat complicated but I definitely feel that this story will be very entertaining.

jj_maple [A]  on says:
I know you two are my friends and all but over enthusiastic much? lol, I love you guys. see you at school or something

Fantasy  on says:
Hello, your stories were recommended to me by DiamondPop
I agree. It's epic

DiamondPop  on says:
I like the storyline
I like the joke
I like the name
I love your stories

Is that weird?

DiamondPop  on says:
You should seriously update like right now....

DiamondPop  on says:
This is awesome!

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