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Clara has only ever wanted an escape route from the repetitive routines she called life.  Then, Uncle James appears and whisks her back to her father's hometown of Liverton, the place that her father never speaks of, a name forbidden to be uttered.  But here, as discoveries are made and foundations destroyed, can there be happiness in a place that she has never called home?


Might tweak the foreword here and there in the future--but basically, this just a finding yourself type of fic.  May or may not have romance--depends on what my creative juices are concocting.

Darn--my teeth ache.


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nightlife6081  on says about chapter 1:
This is really good so far~ Looking forward to more~

N1ghtshade  on says:
I think I'm forever your number 1 fan on this site. :)
This story sounds like the mortal instruments series in a way. Since she didn't know where her father came from. Or maybe not. lol ^^

Don't mind me, just making everything relate to the mortal instruments since I'm rereading the books. XD

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