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by panda_xo
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Aiko(OC), Luke(OC)


I write fan fictions over at AFF, and I found this site so I wanted to give it a try ^^

 ~Author Panda


 Hello, my name is Miki Akahana  and I am a normal 15 year old girl. I have a ton of friends and I have pretty decent grades. But there's something that's bothering me. The fact that there is this extremely good-looking boy who caught my attention. Luke Vernon, one of the most handsome and popular boy in our school.



Miki Fumi Akahana

Main [x]  Minor [ ]

Role: A girl who has fallen madly in love, but is scared to fall too hard, and hurt herself

Age: 15  Gender: Female  Race/Nationality: American-Japanese

Eye Colour: Blue  Complexion: Milky with some freckles Height/Weight: 165 cm, 49 kg

Style of Dress: Cute and girly, and also Snapbacks, casual clothes  Hair Colour/Style: Dyed amber brown, has curls when doesen't blow dry and French style bangs haircut


Most Striking Physical Feature: blue round eyes

Characteristics/Mannerisms: Sarcastic, cute, kind, caring, quite cold, short temper, hates bitchy bitches, laid back

Speaking voice/Likely vocabulary: Strong and loud voice, swears



Strengths: Singing, great sense of style, dancing, fighting/self defense

Weaknesses: The dark, money, food

Back Story: Julia has a big sister, Maria, who has a different father than Julia. Julia's mom is a Japanese and her dad is American. Julia is different comparing to her parents and sister. Her mom, dad and sister have dark brown eyes, while she has blue eyes. Her sister has always been the one who was always before Julia. Singing, school, sports, boys, etc.



Luke William Vernon

Main [x]  Minor [ ]

Role: A popular, hot guy in Julia's school.

Age: 15  Gender: Male  Race/Nationality: American-Australian

Eye Colour: Green with yellow suns  Complexion: Milky  Height/Weight: 172 cm, 56 kg

Style of Dress: Casual, nice sense of style, ex: snapbacks, hoodies  Hair Colour/Style: Dark brown, messy hot bed hair


Most Striking Feature: Collar bones

Characteristics/Mannerisms: Sarcastic, funny, caring, kind, cute, irresistible, infuriating

Speaking Voice/Likely Vocabulary: quite deep voice with a slight Australian accent, swears lightly



Kyle Tim Johnson

Main [ ]  Minor[x]


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