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Ailsa Ali, Harry Styles, James Franco


transparent love. 



Nick is best friends with Ailsa. He is intelligent and talented. They met in college and since then been close friends. He always had a thing for Ailsa but never told her how he felt. He loved making her smile so he would do anything silly just to make her laugh. He well soon find out what Ailsa has been hiding from everyone, including him. What would he think of her then?

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J is a handsome classmate Ailsa had for her classes. He is the son of a a mob boss that controls the biggest gang in the city and Ailsa was assigned to watch him. Is he truly who she sees?


ailsa ali.

Ailsa Alli is a secret agent working under cover to uncover criminals and bring them to justice. She is trained in many grounds. She has been training since she was 15(Is that even legal? They don't care. She was an oprhan.) She is now the best agent that they have in her department. She had been living a double life. She was pretending to e a college student for 3 years and was now a junior in college. She had become friends with Nick since she saved his butt from a couple of wanna-be thugs. He began to follow her and sit with her. She then became comfortable having him with her. She was't allowed to become close to anybody but she couldn't help it.

Ailsa has now beenn under cover for 3 years to uncover the mob boss. So she has been keeping an eye on J, the mob's son. She has been observing him. She began to have feelings for him.


No foreword posted.

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