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by ShapeshifterOfWhite
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Vampires. Werewolves. Witches. Shifters. Do they really exist?

The world has advanced far more than what is known by humans. The Internet existed three centuries ago. Time travel? The Egyptians discovered it. Humans are not the major beings of this universe.

A world exists within your own. Hidden. Secret. Until you meet someone who knows of it. Then you will never be the same.


Amethy, a young girl of 16, is immersed into a new world when she crosses paths with a tiger-like recluse. She soon discovers that her past is not entirely true and this new world is older than she can remember.


I'm finally putting 'pen to paper' with this one. I've had this story line building up in my head for 4 years. It's going to be quite hard because I've always been the character and the scenes have been fragments with no in betweens! It's going to be hard but I finally get to share madness to the world!!!!!!!!!!


I'd really appreciate it if I could get feedback!!! More description? Less dialogue? Throw it all at me!!!!! I need to know!!!!

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