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Hello! Fellow FFO readers!

-This is based on a true story..

-It's a story about romance, comedy, crack, and kind of like a sitcom(:

- What's it about?

           - Crushes

               -School Life

                     -Mostly the Life Of A Teenager

                     -The Horrible Reality of Rejection


                                                -Finding the right person(:

     I apologize at first....I am terrible at romance. This story will also come from my experiences. In this story I will start with a paragraph...In Chapter 2 I'll write 2 paragraphs..and SO ON. This story is also inspired by a song-Of course- I Just Haven't Met You Yet! But It's not a k-pop related thing. I Hope You Like This! And I'll explain the Characters in the Foreword down below! 


Main Characters:


Name: Cecelia Jane(You) (Better Known As CJ or Jane)

Description: She is an ordinary teenage girl, who has feelings for a guy. 


Name: Unknown. Better known as "Guy"

Description: This person is CJ's crush; But CJ doesn't know anything about him. So he is identified as Unknown.


Name: Mira (CJ's Best Friend)

Description: CJ'S friend ever since Grade 4.

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