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" Will you marry me?"

When I heard those words I couldn't believe it.

All throughout high school I had secretly loved him.

At the ending ceremony of our graduation he asked me that.

I remember it. I remember that day clearly. The cherry blossoms were swirling through the air.

A whirlwind of pink snow.

That was the most beautiful day of my life.

" Yes," I replied.

Deep inside I knew that he didn't love me.

He didn't know me.

He only wanted me for my money and yet...

I said yes.

I loved him so much, even if he didn't love me.

Even if it was only my money.

I knew, yet my heart still aches.

Even when I was married to him, only at the age of 19,

even when he was cheating on me with another woman

I didn't care.

Because I loved him.

I tried to make him happy.

In the end he asked me to divorce him.

I said yes, if only he'd go on a date with me.

Our first and last.

Yet, when he saw the woman he was cheating with

he left me to chase her.

I chased him.

Today, if only today, please see only me.

Crossing the street, yelling for him to wait

I grab onto his arm.

With the coldness of a stranger

he pushed me away.

I fell

and a truck hit me.

As I lay there dying

he came back.

Tears fill my eyes

my heart breaking into a million pieces.

The light is quickly fading.

I reach for him.

All this time I never got to tell him.

I try to speak to say the unspoken words.

His face fades into darkness.


give me a chance to tell him...

" I love you."


A short sad oneshot.

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