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Elsa (Frozen) & Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardian)


Elsa just moved to a new small town called Burgess for around two weeks—leaving her hometown, Arendelle. She only had one reason of why she moved in, which is to cast herself away from the public, from the people who call her as witch.

She always hates the fact that she has this power. She doesn’t really know how to control it; all she can do is trying her best to control her mind—not to feel anything.

Little did she know, that there is someone out there who has the same power as her—a winter spirit, Jack Frost. He has the power to charge the snow, and even the wind. He’s invisible for every single person, but not her.


What will Elsa does when she finally met Jack?




Title                : Winter's Miracle

Author           : ohreo-sehun

Tag                  : romance, slight angst, winter

Character(s): Jack Frost and Elsa

Couple           : Jelsa


This is a Rise of the Guardians x Disney's Frozen crossover. Elsa and Jack Frost fanfiction.


Ohreo-sehun is here, this is actually the very first time I make a fanfic from a fictional character of a movie. I hope you guys will like this, because I really love this two.

Elsa and Jack Frost look so damn good together <3




pic is not mine, credit belong to its owner.


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bibliophile  on says:
congrats on the feature omg ;A;

qarisha  on says about chapter 2:
oh myyy im still new here n i stumble upon ur ff n i need to tell u this! ur ff is sooo cuteee plss update soon ^^

missnovelist  on says about chapter 2:
Yay, it's surely an awesome feeling to have a Jack Frost x Elsa fanfic here! This is surely a great start and I want more fanfics of them here in this website. Looks like I don't waste my time knowing this ship while spazzing on their fanarts and written fanfics about them two days ago. Do update this soon since I'm really looking forward after the perfect ending. Gah, the feels are coming back again. ;; ♥

momothedumpling  on says about chapter 2:

I already like Elsa <3
Cute story!

Lol I found an EXOtic XD

Guessing ur bias is Sehun, do u have AFF?

resplendent-  on says about chapter 2:
i love your story ; u ;
update sooooon < 3

water_lilly  on says about chapter 2:
I haven't watched frozen yet but I can seriously see this ship forming in my head XD

MyHusbandSehun  on says about chapter 2:
JACK THAT'S BECAUSE SHE BELIEVES IN YOU! lol. Gosh. Had to watch the movie Rise Of The Guardians couple times this morning because of my little sisters.

X_JasielleAle  on says about chapter 1:
Love the story! Hoping for more to come!

FantasyKhahyeon  on says about chapter 2:
Ohh, I like this and I agree Elsa fits perfect with Jack Frost :3 well, I'm new here in FFO and I just read your fic firt hehe ! I'm really anticipating the next chapter ~

wolfandthebeauty  on says about chapter 2:
yepee an update!They met!omg they meeeeeeeeeet!!! I love the way you write omg so perfect

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