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Janelle & Marco (OCs)


We are bestfriends, and we like each other. We seriously mean like as an affection,we share the same interest like that.

We are not awkward.

We knew we liked each other because liking someone is our very particular topic.

But we always get awkward when the topic of being lovers is brought up.

Why would we be lovers if we are already like one? 

Bestfriends in others' eyes are like being a couple.

So no.

Does being bestfriends is enough?


Please bare with someone like me :)) 

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if you see any mistakes please point them out to me :D


Janelle-  long haired girl that you see hanging around with her bestfriend,oblivious it's Marco. You don't know what she's up to.

Marco- innocent looking young man who is older than Janelle, thoughtful who shares some of his Mom made bento.

Mia- Curly haired princess-demanding like woman who is quite highly mistaken as the mother of the 'idiot couple' or whatever she calls them(Janelle & Marco)

Crissy- Eye glassed girl who spends most of her times reading a book and scolds the mother-like Mia.

Cris- Who secretly admires the relationship of the duo,and secretly stalks Crissy.Quite a secret guy we have here


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omololalois  on says:
Update soon.
Please check out my fic too. Titled "forbidden desires"

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