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by pixiedust
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Hailey Jones, Chace Knight, Emma Carter, Sam Hunter, Zac Richards and etc


Hailey Jones is just like any ordinary seventeen year old girl who has to go through high school life. Just like any other girls in Browns High School, she finds herself secretly crushing on the school's hottest troublemaker with a bit of bad boy image, Chace Knight.


One night, Hailey finds him knocking on her front door. Weird but hey, who doesn't love it when your crush suddenly pops up in your front door? Hailey thinks her life would still be the same after the encounter, but little does she knows nothing will ever be the same. 




Ding Dong. Ding Dong.

"Who on Earth would come over at this hour?" I mutter and place the half eaten lasagna on the table. Whoever this person would be, I hate him for disturbing my movie night.

"Who is it?" I shout.

"Someone you know!"

I fasten up my steps as the door bell continues ringing together with the voice of the person.

"Hey, open up!"

"I'm-" Oh my god, I take back what I said before. Screw Harry Potter, this is way better.


Hailey Jones - You

Chace Knight - Chace Crawford

Emma Carter - Emma Watson

Sam Hunter - Sam Claflin

Zack Richards - Zac Efron


authors' note--- Hello, it's pixiedust and this would be my first ever fiction here in FFO. It's just pure coincidence if there's any similarities with your story. Those names above are what I imagined my characters to look like. So, do subscribe and leave some comments xoxo 


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