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by Jykl__xoxo
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“I like you. I love you. Let me be yours.”

Irene is someone not most people liked in school. She was not getting bullied, no. Just in lack of a few friends. She had atleast one, who stayed with her through everything. Not a lot talked her, not a lot wanted to sit beside her and a few even hated her with all their might. She wasn't very verbose, not at all. But she was really nice and beautiful. Not many people have seen that beauty behind the spectacles though and considered her as ugly. 


Mark on the other side, was very popular and got called ‘kingka’ a lot due to his korean ethnicity. He was very handsome and also very good in school. Mark was a very kind hearted and honest person and liked everyone in their school, even Irene, yes. But despite his honesty, there was a secret he kept for a while. He liked Irene, more than he liked the others. She was very special to him. He loved her. Because Irene was not like the rest, she was very humble and did not try to befriend with him only to get popular in school. 


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