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Elsa, Rapunzel, Jack Frost, Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert


The NEW GIRL meets the POPULAR GUY, who just so happens to be her COUSIN'S boyfriend...how will this all go down?

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I shouldn't be feeling this way...it's not right...I feel terrible, but..I don't regret it..







A new transfer student that goes by the name of Elsa Arendelle, comes to DW Highschool. She is not "completely" new as she is already familiar with some of the students. Her cousin being the beautiful Rapunzel Corona. After some..incident within the family, Elsa and her sister, Anna, were to now live with Rapunzel and her kind parents. Being already quite well aquainted with some of the students(through her cousin), she fit right in. Elsa believed she would enjoy her time here at the new school...until, she met her cousin's boyfriend, Jackson Frost. Don't get her wrong, he was a nice, caring, outgoing, and social guy; it's hard not to like the guy... But, that's the reason he was the problem. Upon meeting the guy, Elsa...might've..accidentally..sorta..fallen for him...whoops?


Elsa Arendelle - aka "The New Girl"
❅ 17 years old - Junior
❅ family: Anna - sister | Rapunzel - cousin
❅ calm, cool, level-headed, has a sense of humor, smart, and at times quiet
❅ Best subject - Chemistry
❅ Enjoys readings + listening to music in her free time


Rapunzel Corona - aka "Miss Smiles"
❧ 17 years old - Junior

❧ family: parents | Elsa + Anna - cousins
❧ outgoing, social, lovable, cute, sweet, a bit clumsy, and loud
❧ Best subject - Fine Art
❧ Girlfriend of Jack(son) Frost


Jackson Frost - aka "Mr. Popular"
❅ 18 years old - Senior
❅ family : parents | Mara - sister
❅ outgoing, social, kind, caring, not the brightest, a bit dense, but ultimately everyone's friend

❅ Best subject - Physical Education
❅ Boyfriend of Rapunzel Corona


Flynn Rider - aka "The Flirt"
❧ 19 years old - Senior
❧ Family: unknown
❧ social-ish, loud, bit arrogant, flirty, can't take a hint, really a nice guy, pretty helpful-ish, softy on the inside
❧ Best subject - what "best subject"? (jk, it's P.E. ; also he is part of the cross-country/Track team)
❧ Best/Good friends with Jack


( a/n: I apologize for the pictures..I chose the pictures from DeviantArt and you can tell they are all fan art sort of things..I just thought it would've worked better than their actual animations *shrugs* credit to the artists )


Words of Wisdom(or Stupidity)
AKA: Author's note. Hello!! This is my first evarrrr Jelsa/Jackunzel fic!! Yay!! Well...I don't know how well it will turn out *whispers*probably pretty crappy- WHO SAID THAT?! Anyways, hope you like it(or not) but let me give you a heads up, my grammar/punctuation/spelling suuuccks. like it's so bad you just cry from laughing at it's poor quality.
So, now that, that is that, I present to you a totally cliche and drama-filled story!~





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applecyanide  on says:
heyyyY i like this. this is niceee. im gonna recommend this to some of my friends now, so excuse me for a minute...okay, i'm back. Now I just want you to know, I hope you update soon! I would really like to start reading the story. AND it's a triple crossover. AHHHH! okay, sorry for bothering you~

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