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by LuoAijie
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Ling Xiaoyu | Jin Kazama | Nina Williams | Hwoarang | Miharu Hirano | Anna Williams | Panda | Alisa Bosconovitch | Asuka Kazama | Other Minor Characters


19-year old Ling Xiaoyu has always had a crush on her male best friend; Jin Kazama. Her female best friends - Miharu Hirano, Alisa Bosconovitch and Panda - have tried to get them together for as long as they've known about Xiaoyu's ever-growing feelings.

But when Jin disappears after the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 6, and returns to Tokyo a year later with Nina as his other half, Xiaoyu grows heartbroken to a point that she starts to question everything she's ever felt, done or said.

Will Ling Xiaoyu stay that way until she finds a way to pry Jin and Nina apart? Or will somebody else move from out of the shadows to mend Xiaoyu's broken heart?


Beside from music, Tekken is my favourite pastime. I still remember when I was only a year old and I would see my brother playing Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 3 on his Playstation. The first time I ever played Tekken was when I was five years old with my brother as he showed me how to play Tekken 3. Whenever we went to our local game hire store, I would always hire (apart from 'The Sims') Tekken 5, as it was, and still remains to be, my favourite game out of all the Tekken series.

And now here I am, over 7 years later, and still playing Tekken as a pastime, except with my other brother. I have finally decided to write a fanfic about my favourite characters in the game - Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu. Better late than never, right?


Title: Between The Tournaments (Subject to change)

Author: LuoAijie

Genre: Romance, Fighting, Possible Fantasy

Rating: PG (Subject to change)

Main Pairing/s/Side Pairing/s: XiaoJin (Xiaoyu x Jin), XiaoRang (Xiaoyu x Hwoarang), NinJin (Nina x Jin)

Date Started: 12th January, 2013

Date Finished: N/A

Thanks To: Namco Bandai Games for enhancing my childhood

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PyaariSammu  on says:
Sounds like an interesting plot, I really hope you update soon!

xiaoyu  on says:
fcuk nina
that blonde...jhgtjrfed
anyways update soon ~
been rooting for xiaoyu + jin since i started playing tekken 3
and then i screamed when i found out there was history btwn the two

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