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Zeke Maddox, Layla (L), and more


His eyes were clear blue, just like his Inferno.


He, by the name of Zeke Maddox, was chosen to protect the town Orion, named after Rosemary’s father the Great Sorcerer of Ajax. Rosemary was, yes, an actual person back in the 1500’s. She was the daughter of Orion and Charlotte. Growing up, no one had ever thought that Rosemary was a daughter of a pureblood. So when she was murdered by her hypnotized lover, Vance, her rich pure blood scent was spread throughout the Earth, attracting multiple demonic creatures. Her blood granted immortality.


To the students attending Orion High School, he was the typical popular boy. He was tall, 6’2” to be exact. He had those dreamy abs and tempting-to-touch biceps. He had a great personality, smiling everywhere he went and being friendly to anyone who approaches him. He was intelligent; he was the top in school every year. He had talent, such as playing guitar, piano, and singing.


But that was all for show.


Deep underneath his mask, he rarely smiled. He hated whenever someone went up to him and talked to him, wanting silence everywhere and anywhere he went. He hated how he was placed in a school full of idiots and homely cretins. And he really hated it when something or someone got in his way. So you can say he has some anger issues.


You can actually tell how stable each supernatural being is: look at their ears. They are the safest when they don’t have any piercings on their ears. The more piercings, the more physically and/or emotionally unstable their body, mind, and Fragment is. There are only four areas where the piercings can be to pressure the unstableness though. On the lobe, upper lobe, tragus, and helix; this also means you can only have four piercings on each ear.


But when getting piercing, for supernaturals, it would hurt like shit. The pain is doubled from human to supernatural. So, sometimes, the supernatural would get rings instead. It’s painful at first if it’s your first time putting on a stability ring. The reason for that is so that the ring can identify how unstable you are and your Fragment.


Zeke has a total of six earrings and three rings. He has four earrings on his left ear (lobe, upper lobe, tragus, and helix) and two on his right ear (lobe and upper lobe). He has one thumb ring, on his right hand, one ring on his right ring finger, and one ring on his left middle finger. It is common in Inferno holders that they are unstable. Besides, you can never control fire. It would continue to burn until it is set ablaze, burning its person alive.


That’s why Inferno holders seem the most dangerous. They can control their power when they are calm, but when the emotions are too overwhelming, Inferno itself will burn.





When Satan sends his minion to deliver his message of revenge and wrath, the Council sends the strongest, wittiest, smartest, and most skilled Fragment holders of the five original Fragments to Orion. The six of them will make a team and must defeat every demonic creature Satan throws at them, even Satan himself.


What happens when the actual original Fragment holders somehow resurrect and demands to avenge themselves, seeking the person that took their lives? That was 500 years ago. But until they receive justice to themselves, the originals will kill every last one of them...


















until the entire supernatural race is deceased.  



Viv here <3

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