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Clary | Vernon | Lernin


♔ Title: Enternity 
Rating: PG(13)
Genre: Romance, Sad
Length: It might hit up to more then 30 chapters. 
Status : ONGOING. 
Started on : 8/2/2014
Completed on : --- NOT YET ----


Walking on path towards enternity, was never easy.

Clary is the last descendant of the darkness that was the next ruler to the world.

Vernon was just a normal boy, who leads a normal life.... His life changes the moment he falls in love with the next descendant of the darkness...

Lernin, was the last protect of the world known as the " enternity world "  

In everyone's mind, enternity was nothing more but a word, that probably didn't exist

But it does, in A.P 8060842 years ... a man created a enternity world and it's purpose is to let couples,

live for a  enternity and never die. But the way to get close to the enternity world,

Your soul must be clean, and you must go through millions of obstacles to be together.


The rule is : 

- When a couple makes it through to the enternity world, the obstacles begin.

- A total of 8000 games will be played.

- Once a partner lose, they will be destroyed and for a enternity they will never be together

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