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Kianna, Alvin


A long time ago, the king and queen were told by a fortune teller that their new-born daughter was going to get kidnapped by a neighboring kingdom at the age of 14. Scared for their child’s safety, the king made the decision to send their daughter in the deepest part of an enchanted forest. The witch agreed to place a spell on the forbidden forest as the bravest knight shall be the only one to enter and find the young princess.


“Haven’t you heard of the princess in the forest?”

“I have...what do you want me to do? Fetch her for you?”

“Exactly! I dont mind having a princess for a bride,” the noble laughed, his image making the young man cringe. Thats when he started to laugh, alerting the older.

“Wanting me to kidnap a princess for you because you can’t find a decent women who would even think twice before marrying you.”

“I’ll pay you 3x more than what I have given you.” Alvin thought about it for a moment before taking the job.



Hello everyone~

I'm here with a story I just recently finished. I hope you enjoy it and keep following me~

-Mizuki K.

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