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Chapter one

" Eh? a new drama? " a student said as she took a sip on her juice.
" Yes! a new drama! Starring Choi Jihyun and Yoo Minho! OMG! I'm super excited! My favorite pairing is in one drama! " another student said excitingly.
" OMG! What is the title? "
Royalty meets Idol, The title sounds exciting, isn't it? "

" Yah, Choi Jihyun, can't you get your lines right? " said the directior as Jihyun hung her head low " You will just simply do is to act like you don't know everything about the modern world! " he said with anger, Jihyun kept quiet, it's my fault anyways, she thought.

" Director-nim, you can't just scold Jihyun like that and also force her, she's a women, not a man! " Minho said, standing infront of Jihyun, Jihyun smiled a little.
" Do you want our drama to be number 2 or lower in the rankings? " the director said, " I don't care about rankings or so, I just care of making my fans and the crowd having fun watching us! "
" That's the point! If you want your or our fans to have fun watching this show, you should not forget your lines! " said the director.

Suddenly, Jihyun ran, leaving the scene.
" Jihyun! Wait! " her manager said,

" Prince Junho, " a eerie yet mysterious  voice whispered,
" Who are you? " Junho asked, the voice laughed, as a figure of a woman appeared, giving him a piece of paper, written Junho's name.
" What is this? " Junho asked, the woman gave him a smile.
" That would teleport you on the current day of this palace, if you got wounded. " said the woman " When you are carriying it with you while walking, a person, which has a royal blood; Can see you. " said the woman. " But remember; you can teleport on the modern day for six times only. " she added as she banished on thin air, leaving Junho dumbfounded, can i really go on the morden days of the palace? he thought, as he grabbed the piece of paper with him and explored the whole kingdom of his.

As Jihyun walked slowly on the empty palace, images of a young prince walking on a palace appeared in her mind, as soon she reached the hallways, she screeched as a enegery grabbed her hand.

" Jihyun! " Minho exclaimed, before he approaches Jihyun, she banished on thin air.

" Ow " she said softly as she help her left hand, looking around it was the palace where she was now, but the difference, the palace looks lively, not like the current look of the palace, which looks disorted.

" Um, excuse me? " said someone, Jihyun turned to her back to find where the source of the voice comes from, and saw a man, about his twenties, tall and flawless, not like other idols who looks flawless in makeup.
" Uh, yes? " Jihyun said looking at the flawless boy infront of her, stunned.
" Who are you? " asked the man, leaving Jihyun dumbfounded. " Eh? You don't know me? " she asked.
The man nodded. " You don't me? Choi Jihyun? The most famous rookie actresses in Korea? she said. stil the man looked at her, dumfounded. Jihyun facepalmed.
" Anyways, What's your name? " jihyun asked him.

" Kim Junho, the next king of the Kim palace. "

" WHAAAAAT?!?! "



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