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Original Chararcters (OC)


______ Kwon : A sports prodigy and science genius. You are a 16 year old girl and are a MEGA tomboy! Over the years you earned your way into becoming the Soccer captain and you are a strict,cold but fair leader. Your teammates show you respect and in turn you do to them


Leo Kim : Your cousin an  the youngest out of you three. He's 14 and  yet he's the fastest in your school. He's MVP on the track team and he works hard in his academics too. His girlfriend is Jasmine and they've been going for 2 years


Nick Kim : The oldest out of you 3. He is 17 and is the closest to you. And tries to keep a secret away from you three knowing it would alter your lives drastically.


Crystle Patton : Your Science teacher and knowing what happened to your parents lets you call her mom. She is the only human that Nick entrusted with your secret. She accepts all of you but she has enemies within the school....Will she be able to keep that secret for long?


You live with your cousins Leo and Nick.You three are super popular. You go to SJC (St.John's College). You are captain of the Soccer team and have numerous fangirls...OH! And you 3 call the science teacher your mom...


You 3 hold a secret that only Nick knows....Will he tell you? Or will you find out by yourself....be it good or bad...


What could go wrong...

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