The Apocalypse

by Sebearbear
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  After the apolypse there was nothing left but pieces scrap metal and junk,there was no human in sight everything was destoryed.It was year 2305 on planet earth humans were extinct and earth loked just liked a human graveyard except worst everywhere was covered with junk and there were no trees no plants just junk.As the radio played an old 60s records,there was this big hole in the piles of junk which looked like a grave and taking a closer look there was this suit.This suit wasn't any ordinary suit it was covered in gold from head to toe facing upwards as if it was lying down in the junk it had the legs and arms of a robot as it was to thin for human legs.However, the helmet was like an astronaunt helmet except it was covered with dust which we could not see whether what was on the inside of the suit but all we knew there was something special about this suit.In the middle of the suit,the chest there where the heart is normally located something shimmered and glittered within there it was as if it was alive but itself.That thing was shaped in a form of a water droplet as it bulged out of the chest as if wasn't supposed to be there with screws and rings secured around it.As the suit lay there over time the thing glowed brighter and brighter as if something or someone was trying to control or communicate with it.


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Sebearbear [A]  on says:
Haha yeah i kindda like her song especially her music videos... more coming ur way i hope u enjoyed it! :D

Fantasy  on says:
When I saw the title of your story, I was like, is this going to be a Katy perry story?!
Hehehe I was right

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