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Dear Diary is a special one-shot story to my debut novel [Helo Suami, Hai Isteri]  published by JS Adiwarna on April 2013.

It's a very special to me.. and i love the character so much. i hope you will enjoy reading this as much as i enjoy write it. 



The characters are:


Puteri Shazlin the wifey



Airyl Zainal the hubby


reminder: the original idea of this one-shot is come from viet', 'dear stupid book' which posted in soompi. i already asked for her permission to use her original idea. i credit the original idea to viet', thank you so much viet'. this is the proof of her permission:



eventhough i wrote this description in english, but this is a malay fiction.

Do not copy my fiction, repost my fiction is stricly prohibited, if you wanted to share please share the link instead!! 



Dear diary *eh ce ceh..konon macam vampire diaries la kan..(//u//)

Hari ni Lin jumpa dia. Dia..Airyl Zainal yang Lin cerita kali lepas. He unexpectedly hensem gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Kyaaaaaa..!! Ho my god…masa dia datang makan kat rumah tak perasan pun dia hensem macam ni, (O.o) kan? tapi bila jumpa dia berdepan, kami DUA je. (O.O) Hensem gila baq hang…mata dia coklat weh, style boleh tahan la..kakkoii!! tapi kan…perangai hampeh. TETAPI walaupun begitu kami telah bersetuju untuk mengikut perancangan keluarga yang nak kahwinkan kami. Boleh percaya tak? AKU SENDIRI TAK PERCAYA!!! (O___O)


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