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Remember the original that I had written? It's right here and I HAVE BEGUN RE-WRITING IT. HERE WE GO.

It's a FAR better storyline than before. It's not as rushed andf contains a heck of a lot more detail.


Wandering in this dark abyss, what is it that I can see? 

Nothing is visible here except for the sea and the great lunar heart looming in the sky. It's glaring down at me, taunting me. I know that I will never achieve obtaining it. I know that it's laughing at me. Mocking me, as it always does. Every time I visit this place, it always glowers down at me, grimacing at my very presence here.

I know that I am not alone in this dubious realm. I know that there are others here. I've met them, face-to-face, several times before now. They watch me with sullen eyes, curious as to of why I am here and how I came to be. After all, I am no one special. I am no wielder of the Keyblade. I am no great warrior. I am just a young girl, lost in this tiny world with infinite boundaries.

I sit alone on the shore and gaze imploringly at the great heart. I want to escape this place. I don't know why I've been brought here every night when I close my eyes. 

I know that one day I'll learn why I've been brought here to be frowned  upon by Kingdom Hearts.


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