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I had always been with my best friend, she and I went to the same school and even lived in the same house. Is that weird? It's okay, we're sisters or should I say we were sisters?

I've never had any friends of my own, they had all been friends of my sister, Tina and so they aren't really my friends. I'm crying right now as I right this...

Anyway, this is the story of how I lived after my sister disappered.

This is the story of my memory of a shadow, the shadow of my sister.


It doesn’t seem possible that life can go on and the world can just continue in its everyday routine. The air appears to smother me and makes me feel like I’m drowning, unable to take a breath of the oxygen that surrounds me as if teasing me.

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FrozenApple  on says:
loved it! it was interesting

AcornyJOKES  on says about chapter 1:
I enjoyed reading it was nice :))

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