The First Collision

by MangoTango
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Bright light seeped into the medium sized room. With a yawn and a stretch, the figure on the bed awakened. It was so peaceful and quiet inside, you could hear the wind gently brush passed the house. The person rotated, facing the clock that was conveniently placed on the nightstand adjacent to the bed. "8:08," the person croaked in their morning voice. What a night...I still can’t believe it…

The person swung their legs off the side of their bed, stretching their arms out into the air one last time. It’s so quiet without them here…. What should I make for breakfast today? The person stood up and took a few steps, turning a corner and entering the bathroom. Glancing up at the mirror, Hera almost spit her toothpaste out onto the tile. Her head was a lion’s mane, lusciously brown and unruly, fresh from the bed. Quickly grabbing a brush, she flattened out the strands of hair that stuck out at the sides of her head. Hera used to bear beautiful hair that floated right around her waist, but this year she decided to cut it all off and get a pixie cut. She’s still trying to work out all the bugs and kinks such as crazy bed hair every now and then.

When she finished freshening up, she hopped down the stairs with an abundance of energy. She loved feeling so free and unrestrained. It was like flying and the wind was blowing away all your worries—until…Until you bump into a chair and stub your toe.

“Ow!! My goodness! Why does it hurt so bad?” Hera limped around with one leg while the other was clasped between her hands. A succession of knocks then followed after her cry.

“Just a moment please!”

She hopped to the doorway, putting her foot down right before she opened it. What happened next was totally out of this world.

What the…?

”Good morning Hera.”


Maybe she didn’t hear me..

“I said good morning Hera!”

More silence and staring.

“Are you gonna let me in or let me stand out here all day long? I thought you wanted that project done.”

It’s Felix…

“Oh yes! Good morning! I’m so sorry..It’s just that I didn’t expect you to—nevermind. Here, make yourself comfortable.”

Felix sat down on the couch and began to examine the place. He’d been inside the house a couple times but he never actually cared to look around until now.

“I’m sorry Felix, I just kinda woke up. Would you like any tea or coffee?” Hera hastily put on her slippers and pulled the window blinds up, letting in the warm sunlight.

“Coffee would do. No sugar or creamer,” Felix replied. He stood up from his place and examined the pictures that adorned the shelves. “So who’s home?”

“No one at the moment,” Hera said, placing the mug of coffee onto the center table. “My parents are away on a business trip in Italy. It’s supposed to be an important deal or something.”

“That’s nice. So you have the whole house to yourself?” Felix said while turning around.

“That’s right.” She nodded her head and sipped some of her strawberry banana smoothie.

Sighing softly, Felix slumped down onto the couch, his long golden hair covering his eyes.” I wish I had the whole house to myself like this,” he mumbled. “It gets so tedious being cooped up in a pen you call home, only to be looked down upon like some street dog.”

Hera’s eyes widened a little and then softened. Just like anyone else, Felix had problems, and Hera failed to recognize them. For the longest time, she was saying that he was the problem. It wasn’t her mom or dad or herself, it was him. He was the cause of her misery, but it wasn’t true. It wasn’t fair anyway to make him a scapegoat because he did nothing.

“I’m sorry…” Hera reached out to pat his shoulder but he caught her arm.

“Please don’t touch me.” He looked up at her, which loosely reminded her a scene from a horror movie since his hair blocked his face. Slowly and carefully, she made her way back into her seat.

“So why are you here so early? Were you trying to meet Medusa?” She asked and pointed to herself, trying to lighten the mood.

His lips turned up just a smidgen. ”Haha, you’re so funny.” Hera scowled at his sarcastic response. Felix adjusted himself, “No, I came here really early in the morning just to annoy you and make you start your day off bad.”

“Well you’re getting there,” Hera retorted.

“Calm down sassy pants, I’m here for your little dumb project. Be thankful I even came after yesterday’s ordeal.”

“Yesterday’s ordeal?! You’re the one who kicked me---“

Felix pressed a finger onto her lips, “Now, now, you shouldn’t be yelling so loud since it’s still early in the morning. You wouldn’t want your neighbors to complain about the noise, now would you?”

Hera shot him a look and walked away. “Are we going to finish that project or what? I know you won’t take an F and surely you wouldn’t like it if Mrs. Blair talked to you for not cooperating.”

That son of a bitch!

Felix smiled smugly as Hera tried to insinuate him into ashes through her eyes. So far it wasn’t working.

“What do you say, Hera Kalim?” he stretched a hand out in front of her. Dubiously, Hera took his hand. I’m probably going to regret this later.

“Alrighty then, let’s get started! Here, you go change and shower or whatever the hell you need to do! We’ll go somewhere for breakfast and I’ll pay. My treat. Now go, go, go!” He pushed Hera up the stairs, shamelessly making himself at home.

A half an hour passed when Hera finally came down stairs. Huh, I guess he made himself situated. Felix was too absorbed in watching TV that he didn’t even notice Hera come down. He was watching some kind of anime. She sat down beside him and began to watch the show. A tall man with an awesome black pompadour raced across the screen. His varsity styled jacket flew behind him like a cape while he tried to catch a cat-like creature that was running away from him.

“Isn’t it great?” Felix asked. A wide grin was planted on his face. “It’s my favorite show ever. I love how totally random it is.” Before Hera could even take a breath, Felix shut off the TV and lifted her up from the couch. “Don’t you think you need a sweater? It’s bound to get chilly later,” he said, while pointing to Hera’s bare arms. She was wearing a light pink tank top with a faded design and regular denim shorts.

“You’re absolutely right!” she smiled gratefully and ran upstairs.

“Hurry up! We have a lot to do!”




“So what kind of music do you listen to?”

Hera stopped drinking her chocolate milkshake and set it down on the table. “Anything I guess. Mostly pop, but I really really can’t stand Country and Screamo.” She laced her hands together. “What about you?”

“Oh I listen to a lot of different things. Have you ever listened to Kpop before? It’s so addicting! But anyway, my favorite type of music to listen to is R&B and Hip Hop. TheWeeknd has some sick songs.” He nodded his head, as if pleased with himself.

“Kpop? I’ve never heard of it but maybe you could let me hear some songs later.” Hera grinned, she was actually having a lot of fun. It was around ten o’clock  in the morning and she and Felix were just chillin’ in the local diner. For some reason, Felix wasn’t being his douchebag self and was in fact a decent human being.

“It’s Korean pop, now before you give me a weird look, it’s really worth a shot to listen to it. Even if you don’t understand a word.” He nonchalantly threw his and Hera’s garbage out, extending his hand yet again to her once he returned from the garbage can. “Shall we walk m’lady?”

Hera chuckled and punched his shoulder lightly, taking his hand anyway. “What’s your favorite color?” she asked, starting a new conversation.

“Dark blue. Like navy blue or sapphire blue. What about you?” He swung their combined hands back and forth while they walked. He didn’t notice the action but Hera did.

Recoiling her hand, she said, “Orange. Nothing fancy or complicated like you Mr. Archer. Sapphire blue.” She laughed.

“Well I’m sor-ry I’m picky with colors. It’s only because I know them well.” He crossed his arms across his chest.

“What do you mean? Do you paint?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. I can paint with oils, watercolors, acrylics, you name it! But I prefer watercolors of course. It takes years to master watercolors because unlike oils, you can’t scrape off the paint and continue on painting your merry little way. Once you’ve made a mistake, you’re done for. Sayonara babe, hasta la vista! It takes passion and patience to paint with watercolors. Not everyone has a God-given talent to paint you know.”

I never knew he could paint; I have to see this for myself. “I can see you’re very enthusiastic about your painting. How come you don’t enter your work into competitions then? Or at least display it in school?”

“How do you know? Maybe I have already! Stop being such a smartass and making assumptions when they’re not right.” Felix pointed an accusing finger at Hera, much to her surprise. He could be so overdramatic sometimes, and he has the guts to blame me for it!

Suddenly, Felix started to laugh. “T-that face! Hahaha! That face is priceless!” He clutched his stomach and continued with his loud laughter. “Seriously though, how’d you know I haven’t entered my work anywhere?”

Hera was shocked again. Felix was quite good at deceiving people.

“I didn’t..?”

“No, you gotta tell me the truth.” He softly poked at her ribs. “How did you know? Are you a psychic or something? Is there something you’re hiding from me?”

“What even is this? It’s not even related to the project!”

“Hah! So you are hiding something from me! Is it something bad? Like are you secretly a stripper in training or something?” Felix was thrown into another fit of laughter while Hera glared at him.

“You’re as mad as the Hatter you know. Why am I so unlucky to be stuck with you for this project? You think it’s a joke don’t you? You think that everything’s a joke, well it’s not okay!”

Hera fled the scene and ran towards the park. I should’ve known that he was a jerk. I-I-I shouldn’t have trusted him! Why do I let people push me like that! Right before she started to cry, strong and reassuring arms embraced her.

“I’m so sorry Hera…Why does it always end up like this? Why do I have to be such an ass to you?” Felix sighed deeply. “Know what? It’s alright if you don’t ever want to talk to me again, but at least hear me out first.”

Their eyes connected as he led both of them to a bench. He reached his hand up and gently touched the small pink flowers the bloomed on the tree next to them. He smiled to himself. “You know, these flowers match your shirt. Here, have one.” He tucked one of the small flowers into her hair.

“Look, I’m a real jerk. I admit that, and I’m really sorry for always making you upset. I can’t help it, it’s just how I am. After years of people treating you like dirt, you kinda change and start to treat others like dirt as well. Hurt or be hurt. Sure there are those who won’t step over you and use you like a chess piece, but it’s rare. That race of people is going extinct, and even then, you’re never sure if those people are just putting up a front to use you and hurt you.”

“I’m the perfect target for bullies. I can’t fight back; I’m not brave or courageous. I’m not like that knight in shining armor that most girls dream about. I’m just a pathetic seventeen year old boy…”

At this point, Felix had his head buried in his hands. Hera was just quiet.

“I’m gay too. There, I said it. I’m gay. I like other guys. Now go leave me alone so I can peacefully hate myself.” 




Hey guys! How do you like the story so far? ^^ I'm sad to say that it's going to end soon :( But can anyone guess which anime I indirectly mentioned there?! Thank you for your time! Your comments and subscriptions are appreciated highly.


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