by blxckrose
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A/N: I don't recheck this story. I post it as soon as this story is written so there may be errors.


>>>Anne's POV<<<


“Yah, can you stop studying? Now you look at me.” Chris said to me. He turned his chair behind to sit in front of me. He leaned back against the chair and crossed his arms across his chest.


I rolled my eyes and closed my book. “fine! What do you want?” I inquired. Chris always bothered me everytime I study. Maybe he was bored. I paid attention to Chris and not on the book anymore.


“I have few questions to ask you about Biology, but I forget to bring the book. So, do you want to study with me at my house tonight?” Chris asked. He grinned while rubbing the back of his neck.


I tapped my chin to think about his suggestion. “Sure, why not?” Chris’s eyes brightened. “Thank you!” I nodded. Biology? No problem. I will teach you until you expert, Chris. I smiled at him when he happy with my answer.


Wait, let me introduce Chris. Chris is my bestfriend, classmate and a next door neighbor. I knew him since I was 5 years old. He knew well about me more than I knew about myself and vice versa. I felt like I was the luckiest girl having a caring and lovely bestfriend like him eventhough I always quarreled with him.


“So, can I study back?” I questioned while lifting an eyebrow. He nodded, “yes, you can.” He stood up and stroked my head. Before Chris turned in front, he pinched my cheek.


"Hey!" I protested. I hated it when someone pinched my cheek, especially Chris. Chris pinched my cheek everyday until it became one of his daily routines. It was hurt! I opened my book roughly and studied. Chris chuckled when he saw my action.


Yes, I love study. I brought my book with me everywhere I go. I studied whenever I get bored and everytime I had nothing to do. Studyholic, am I?




“Anne, Mr Peter wants to meet you.” One of my classmates told you. I nodded and smiled to her. As she went back to her seat, I sighed. What did Mr Peter want from me again? This is the 5th time he called me today. I stood up and walked out of my classroom. I didn’t forget to bring my revision book. I read my book while heading to Mr Peter’s room. This is my habit. I love reading book when I was walking.


“Ouch!” Unfortunate met me and someone accidentally bumped into me. My book fell onto the floor. I angrily looked at the person who bumped into me.


I snorted when he smirked and walked away from me, but I managed to stop him. “Yah, don’t you know how to apologize after making mistake?” I gave him a sharp look. Bad guy gone bad!


"who ask you to read book while walking? You should look in front instead of reading book." The guy said sarcastically. I gawked. Oh, shoot! He was correct. This was my fault too, but I could feel that he bumped into me first, not I bumped into him.


He smirked again instead of answering me. Then, I pointed at my book which was on the floor. “It's okay if you don’t want to apologize to me, but please take my book. Because of you, my favourite revision book fell off.”


Without saying anything, he pushed my hand which was holding his arm and walked away. I widened my eyes in disbelief. “Hey! You moron!” I called him few times, but he didn’t look back at me.


“Ugh, this jerk! If I meet you again, I will make sure that you kneel in front of me!” I said grudgingly. I made a furious face as I took my book. When I was about to walk, I saw something that made I think.


“Is this that jerk’s key?” I asked to myself as I took that key. I took a look at the key. There was someone’s name that was glued onto the key. John? I though for a while. . Apparently, That is his name. Suddenly, I snapped my finger when I've got an idea. I continued walking towards Mr. Peter’s room.


I knocked the door as I reached his room. “Come in.” Mr. Peter told. I entered his room and bowed.


Mr Peter laughed and signaled me to come closer to him. What's wrong with him? Was he insane? I hesitantly walked closer to him. “Anne, your exam grade is the highest. I’m so proud of you!” He said in excitement.


I gawked. My eyes brightened. “Thank you!” I bowed few times. Finally, my dream is achieved. My parents must be really happy to hear this new. I had to tell about this to Chris. I walked out of the room and ran towards my classroom.


“Chris!” I jumped up and down as I stood in front of Chris. I held his hands.


He furrowed his eyebrows. “Hey, can you stand properly?” He asked. I grinned and stopped from jumping. I took a deep breathe and released it.


“I-” I paused for a while to let Chris guessed. “What?” Chris asked. “I get the highest exam grade!” I said happily.


Chris’s eyes widened. “Really? Congratulations!” Chris and I hugged each other. My other classmates made gagging noises when they saw both of us hugged each other. Chris and I laughed. They always thought that we love each other more than a friend. Man, this is what we called bestfriend.




“Is this yours?” I showed the key to John.John’s eyes widened. I smirked as he tried to find his key in his pocket. Yes, this was my idea. BULLIED him.


“This is your key, right?” I asked him again. “Give me back!” he tried to snatch the key from me, but I managed to hide the key from him. He glared at me.


“I will give you this key after you apologize to me.” I said strictly. I folded my arms across my chest and smirked. “What will you do if I don’t want?” He asked me instead of apologizing.


“Fine, then I will throw away your key.” I threatened. He quickly stopped me when I was about to throw his key through the window. He sighed. “Okay, I’m sorry.”  He looked aside.


I smiled satisfactorily and handed the key to John. “Good!” I praised. “Anyway, please wear school uniform properly and you look very bad with the earrings and necklace.” I insulted him. That was true, indeed. He looked bad with the earrings. If he wanted to be a bad boy, he didn't deserve to study in this top school.


“Mind your own business.” He said before I went out of his classroom. You were really a blockhead, Kris!




>>>Chris's POV<<<


“I’m tired!” I yawned. I stretched my body. My eyes widened as I looked at my watch. “it’s already 12am” I said. No wonder I felt too tired and sleepy. I slept early. That's why I have no eyebags. I was like a girl, right?


“Anyway, thank you for teaching me.” I winked at Anne.


"No problem. I'm tired too." Hyemin smiled and nodded. Then, she told me about that John guy who was acting rudely towards Anne. John, I didn't know who you are but based on Anne's story, you were really a badass. I won't forgive you if you hurt Anne.


Anne yawned. “I’m sleepy. I want to go home. See you tomorrow!” Anne stood up.


Time flew too fast. Please don't go home, Anne. When she was about to go, I grabbed her wrist.


Anne turned back and looked at me. She cocked an eyebrow with a curious face. “what?”


"I am bored. Mind to sleep with me tonight?” I grinned. Wait, was this an excuse to not let her go? 


“Oh my goodness…this pervert! We’re not children anymore.” She spoke.


We were not children anymore, but we still could sleep together, right? "Then, pretend like we're children." Chris pouted.


She rolled her eyes when I made sad puppy eyes. Eww, I didn't like making cute face actually. But, I HAD to. “Please accompany me tonight.” “ughh fine!”


Without wasting time, Anne laid on my bed. “Yah, faster! I’m sleepy aready.” she said while closing her eyes. I walked towards my bed and laid beside her.


“It’s been a while since we last slept together, right?” I asked. I turned my face to her when I didn’t hear her response. I smiled. She was already sleeping.


“You are so beautiful when you sleep.” I stroked her cheek. Soon, I fell asleep too and met Anne in the dreamland.




>>>Anne's POV<<<


I took a quick glance at my watch. “Where is Chris? He said he wants to take me at 5pm, but it’s already 5:30.” I sat on the bench nearby your school.


I asked Chris to take me at the school in the evening because I wanted to study in the library first. Meanwhile, Chris directly went home after school time has ended.


I sighed. I blew up your bangs. I hated waiting and Chris knew it. I am an impatient person. I called Chris, but he didn’t answer my call. Soon, I started to worry. Before this, Chris was never being late to pick up me.


All of sudden, I saw a group of gangster went towards me. There was 3 people. I panicked. Their bad look really frighten me. A shiver ran up my spine. That’s why I really hated guys with messy appearance.


I quickly stood up. Uh-oh, this was bad. Before I could run away from them, they managed to surround me.


“Aww this girl is so beautiful. Where do you want to go, huh?” a  long haired guy asked me in seductive way. The other two guys were bursting into laughter. The bald guy stroked my arm, but I immediately pushed his hand.


“P-please let me go! Don’t disturb me!” I shouted in frightened. My tears flow out from my eyes. I was really afraid. I was in danger and I need help! I really need help right now. Someone, please help me. I swear, whoever saved me, I would fulfill his/her wish and love him/her. I screamed loudly, but there was nobody to help me.


“Do you think that I will let you go freely? No way!” The guy who wore cap smirked.


>>>John's POV<<<


I sighed. Actually, I had to help my aunty buying foods but I ended up sleeping in the library. How forgetful was I. I sat on my motorcycle and started the engine to go supermarket to buy a cake for my aunty.


When I was about to go, I heard someone was screaming for help. I turned my head to search the voice. As I saw a girl was almost being raped by three guys, I quickly ran towards them.


I grabbed the guy's wrist. I swung back around and gave him a fast and powerful roundhouse kick in the ribs, he howled in torment but still raced towards me. What would or could i do? I was stuck. I then remembered, if i gave him a sharp punch to the jaw, it would be powerful enough to knock him out, i acted fast, i threw my hand as fast and as hard as i could. He stared at the river of blood that had appeared out of his nose and gum. He spat out a few teeth and collapsed to the ground. I did the same to another guy and he also collapsed. When I was about to swing my fist to the last guy, he kneeled in front of me.


"I-i'm sorry." The bald guy apologized. I smirked. "Better you run now before I swing my fist towards you." The bald guy immediately stood up and dragged his two friends and ran away.


I widened my eyes as I turned my head to the victim. "You!" I said in shock. That girl was someone who I accidentally bumped into in the school. I eyed her. She looked down. She was still in shock. So, I just couldn't leave her alone.


"Come here." I grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards the bench. I asked her to sit when I saw her sad face. Her tears were flowing down.


"Hey, don't cry. You are okay now." I said, make she felt tranquil. She simply nodded and wiped the tears.


"I'm sorry for insulting you." She apologized without looking at me. She felt guilty.   Nevermind, I already forgave her. When I was about to speak, a buzz sound was heard from her phone. She took out the phone and read the message.


"What's wrong?" I asked her when she let out a heavy sigh. She shook her head. Her face looked sadder. So, I snatched her phone from her hand. I read the message when she didn't say anything.


       From Chris: "I'm sorry, I can't pick up you because my motorcycle is having a problem. Can't you take a taxi?"


Chris? Who is Chris? Whatever. This is not the right time to think anything. I handed her phone to her back. I stood up and said, "Let's go. I send you home."


I sighed when she didn't response. Without wasting time, I grabbed his wrist and took her towards my motorcycle. I asked her address house and sent her back.




>>>Chris's POV<<<


I walked back and forth in front of my house. I was very worried of Hyemin. It's already 6:15pm, yet she didn't still go home. I won't forgive you motorcycle for having a problem at a time like this. Damn you! I kicked my motorcycle.


I called Anne, but she didn't answer the call. Maybe she was angry at me. Yes, I deserve it. I knew she hated waiting. This was my first time for not picking up her. Her parents were extremely busy and always came back home late due to work. So, her perents asked me to take care of Anne.


As I kept on worrying about Anne, a motorcycle stopped in front of Hyemin's house, which was located besides my house. I furrowed my eyes. Anne...and who is that guy?


I walked towards Anne in panic. "Hey, are you okay?" Anne's face looked sad and her eyes are downcast. I was brooding. Oh, I almost forgot the guy who sent Anne back.


"Who are you?" I asked him. He simply said, "I'm John. So, you are Chris?"


I warrily nodded. "John? You are the person who bumped into her, right? I won't forgive you for acting rudely towards her." I guffawed.


John smirked. "You should take care of this girl properly. She was almost being raped." My eyes widened. Being raped? Anne was almost being raped? Oh shoot! I was an unresponsible bestfriend to her. Her parents would scold me if they know about this matter.


"please stop quarraling!" Anne screamed abruptly. "Chris, I want to talk something with John. Can you leave both of us?" she asked. I nodded in disappointment and entered my house.




>>>John's POV<<<


"please stop quarraling!" That girl screamed abruptly. "Chris, I want to talk something with John. Can you leave both of us?" She asked to Chris.


Talk something with me? Talk about what? I shrugged. As Chris entered his house, she spoke "thank you for saving my life and i'm sorry again for insulting you."


I looked at her. "It's okay. I already forgive you." Her smile crept on her flawless face. Her skin is very soft. I wondered what it feels to touch her sot skin. Oh no! What was I thinking about?


"My name is Anne. Anne Hudson. You should go home now. The weather is getting darker." Anne  told. Apparently, her name is Anne. I nodded. I started my motorcycle's engine. She waved at me before I went away.




>>>Anne's POV<<<


I entered the library as the school time has ended. I love studying in the library rather than my house. Don't ask me why because I also didn't know the reason. I walked towards the shelf of revision books and searched for Physics revision book.


"Physics...physics..physics..found it!" I muttered. I took out the book as I found. As usual, I read the physics book while heading to the table.


"Ouch!" someone was bumping into me. I widened my eyes when I looked at the person.


"John?" "Anne?" John and I pointed to each other. We bumped into each other...again? But, this time I didn't angry at him. Instead, I apologized to him.


"I'm sorry." I bowed to him. He also apologized to me. I hunkered to take the thing that was falling off.


"Mozart classical music disc? Wow, do you love to listen classical music?" I aksed him. He nodded. Great! I found my partner in music segment. I was really love classical music, but I didn't have any classical music disc. So, I just downloaded the musics from my phone.


"I love classical music too!" I confessed. "Really? do you want to borrow it?" John asked.


I blinked. "Is it okay?" he nodded. "Thank you! I will give you back when I listen to the music completely. If you don't mind, let's change contact number. So, we can share anything about classical music." I said embrassingly.


"Alright." he told. John and I changed contact number.




>>>John's POV<<<


I took a seat which was located at the corner of the library after changing contact number with Hyemin. I couldn't believe that she was into classical music.


Guess what? I found my partner in music segment. I smiled. I warily took a look at Anne who was reading Physics revision book. She sat at approximately five table from me.


She looked pure and beautiful. Psh. Have I just realized her beauty? I shrugged and continued looking at her quietly.




>>>Chris's POV<<<


"Hello Aunty, where is Anne?" I asked Mrs Hudson, Anne's mom as she opened the door.


"Hello Chris. Please come in. She is in her room. Go meet her at upstairs." Mrs Hudson told. I bowed and smiled to her. I went upstairs as Mrs Hudson replied my smile.


I knocked the door once and twisted the doorknob. I took a look at Anne who was busy listening to music. "Where do you get the disc?" I asked Anne as I saw a disc cover of Mozart's classical music.


"I borrow John's" she simply replied. I furrowed my eyebrows. I didn't know why I hate it when I heard John's name. Maybe because he ever hurted Anne.


"Anyway, i'm sorry." I apologized to Anne.


"sorry for what?"


"I'm sorry for not taking care of you properly." I heaved a sigh. I was useless. I still couldn't forgive myself because Anne was almost being raped.


"It's okay. It's not your fault." She said and smiled at me. Not my fault? No, she was wrong. It was my fault. Because of me, she was almost being raped. I sighed again.




>>>John's POV<<<


I walked back and forth in my room. Shall I call Anne? Shall I call her? I kept on dialling her number, but I ended up cancel back.


Gosh, was I embarrassed towards Anne? Boo to myself. I took a deep breathe and expelled. I gathered all my guts and warily dialled her number.


"Hello." I said as she answered the call.


"Hello John. What's up?"


"Nothing. I just want to ask you abot the disc. Do you love all the music in the disc?" I blurted.


"Yes, I love it very much."


"Really? I'm glad that you love it. Alright, that's all that I want to ask you. Goodnight." I ended the call as she said goodbye to me.


I smiled. All in my head was her face. Her skin was very soft and she was so beautiful. Darn! Why did I think about her again?




>>>Anne's POV<<<


"Do you know where did John go?" I asked one of his classmates when I didn't found him in his classroom. I wanted to give Mozart's classical music disc back to him. I really loved the classical music. It amazed me very much.


"John? I just saw him in the school cafe." He answered. School cafe? I rarely saw him eating in the school cafe.


"Thank you." I uttered before I went to the school cafe.


As I reached the school cafe, I pushed the door. My eyes were glued at Kris as I entered the school cafe. I found you. Finally! I walked off towards him and greeted him. "Hey."


"Hey." He greeted me back as he turned his head and looked at me.


"This is yours. I want to give you back. Thank you for letting me borrow this disc." I handed the disc to the owner back.


He nodded. "Have a seat."


"Since when do you love listening to the classical music?" I asked to break the silence between us.


He sighed. "Do you really want to know about it?" he asked. I flickered. Couldn't I know about this? "It's okay if you don't want to tell about it. I don't mind. I created a faint smile. Disappointed. I couldn't know his history on loving classical music. He was a mystery guy.


He didn't say anything. In few seconds, he said "Okay, I will tell you. My mother was divorced with my dad and I lived with my mother. When I was 5 years old, she died due to heart attack-" He paused for a while. He sighed lightly. I was meeting Chris for the first time when I was 5 years old, while he was facing her mother's death. I pity John.


"I'm sor-" When I was about to apologize, he leaned his finger against my lips. I blinked in shock.


"Please don't say that word. I don't like it. Since my mother died, I lived with my aunty. She took care of me very well. I already assumed her as my mother. She plays violin and she always play classical music. Day by day, I started to love classical music everytime I heard she plays violin." John told me.


By hearing his story, I felt grateful for having parents eventhough they always busy with their work. I must be very misery living without my parents since 5 years old. He was very strong. He could facing it very well and be patient.


"Do you want to go to clascical music's shop after school?" John questioned. My eyes brightened. "Yes, I want."


"Alright, let's meet up at the main gate after school." He said. I nodded excitingly.




"Chris, I won't go home with you today." I told Chris after I put my books inside my school bag. He frowned. "Why?" "I want to go to classical music's shop with Chris after this."


Chris nodded. I waved at him before I went out of the classroom and headed to the main gate. I waited for John at there until John came.


"Hey, sorry for making you wait." John said. I nodded and smiled to him.


"Shall we go now?" I asked him. "Yup. Let's go."


John started the engine of his motorcycle. We went to the shop on the evening. Since that day, we became more closer. We always called each other in the night, eating together after school, studied in the library with John, went to classical music's shop together and many more. I got to know him very well. He was very kind towards me.




>>>Chris's POV<<<


I laid on my bed and let out a sigh. I kept thinking about Anne. She has changed. Since she knew John, she became closer to him and rarely being together with me.


I sighed.


I sighed again.


I sighed for the 342342 times.


Why did I feel so sad? Maybe I was being alone and bored without Anne? or was I jealous of John? No way, I didn't have any romantic feeling towards Anne. So, why could I feel jealous right? God!


Anne, I want the old you. I want you who always being with me every single day. Not the new you, who always leave me alone. I might be cool in front of Anne, but I really felt alone without her.


I closed my eyes and wished for a good day.




>>>Anne's POV<<<


When I was about to enter my classroom, I got a call from John. John? why did he call me when he could meet me at here? I shrugged and answered the call.


"hello." I greeted him.


"Hello lady. Please don't enter your classroom."


I blinked. How did he know that I was about to enter my classroom. I looked around to find John but I didn't saw him.


"Are you looking for me?"


My eyes widened. "Where are you? how do you know about all my actions?" I asked him in bewilderment. As I said, John was very mystery.


"You will know soon. I want to meet you now."


"How can I meet you if you don't tell me where are you?"


"find me."


I rolled my eyes. John, you were so weird. Without wasting time, I headed to his classroom. I couldn't find him too. Where are you John?


"I'm not in my classroom." John chuckled.


"John, please tell me where you are. I don't want to play hide-and-seek right now." I whimpered. I was really tired for searching him.


"Alright. Now, you just have to follow all my instructions. You have to go upstairs. Count 2 steps during you go upstairs." John instructed. I folowed his instructions. When I finished count 42 steps, I reached at the level three.


"Good. Now, walk 24 steps forward, and turned to right."


I did as John told and I stopped in front of the door of rooftop school. I entered the rooftop when John told me. I saw John was waving at me and tucked his phone inside his pocket.


"Take this. I know you are thirsty." He chuckled. I narrowed my eyes and took the water from him.


"Indeed." I said after drinking the water. "Why do you want to meet me?" I raised an eyebrow. I put my school bag on the bench.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, ANNE HUDSON!" John uttered. He gave me five bunch of tulips with different colours. I was touched by his actions. He showed his other side to me. He was a romantic person. He gave me flowers eventhough i'm not his girlfriend. Moreover, he remembered my birthday.


"Thank you very much. How do you know my birthday?" I asked him. "It's a secret." He told. He chuckled when I pouted.


He dragged me to sit on the bench. He took out a cupcake from his school bag and he put a candle on it. He lighted a fire on the candle.


"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Anne Hudson, happy birthday to you!" John sang a happy birthday song for me. I was very happy. I couldn't describe how happy was I.


"Make a wish." I closed my eyes and made a wish. I wished I could find a happiness as soon as possible. I opened my eyes back. He threw away the candle and he split the cupcake into half. He gave me half, and he ate the other half of cupcake.


"What are you listening to?" I asked him when I saw he wore hearphones. "Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody. Do you want to listen?" I nodded. He took off one of the hearphones from his ear and put into my ear.




>>>John's POV<<<


"What are you listening to?" Anne asked me when she saw I was wearing hearphones. "Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody. Do you want to listen?" she nodded. I took off one of the hearphones from my ear and put into her ear. I really love Rahmaninoff classical music. The melody of his classical music always made me calm.


I turned my head to look at Anne, who was closing her eyes while listening to the music. She was just perfect to me. She had a beautiful face, a soft skin, a kind heart, clever, honest and pure. I felt like touching her skin. Suddenly, she turned her head to me and she caught my eyes who was looking at her.


(A/N: Ignore their face xD)
I couldn't help but continued looking at her. I stared into her eyes deeply and touched her soft cheek. Her skin was extremely soft like a baby's skin. My face became closer to hers and I leaned my lips against her. I knew she was shocked, but later she replied my kiss.
"I love you." I whispered between the kiss.
"I love you too."
Soon, Anne laughed after our kiss has released. "What's wrong?" I frowned. I leaned my back against the bench.

"I can't believe that I am falling in love with someone who looks like a bad boy." I bursted into laughter as Anne said. "I can't believe that I am falling in love with someone who is one of the top students in our school." I said, copying her words.


"Hey, are you copying my sentence?" Anne glared at me. I chuckled. I took five bunch of tulips from her hands. "Do you know why did I give you tulips?" I questioned her. She shook her head.


"Alright, let me explain. I give you a variegated tulip because you have beautiful eyes. Yellow tulip means there is sunshine in your smile. White tulip means that you are as pure as a angel. Red tulip means believe me." I handed the tulips except the cream tulip.


"What about the cream tulip?" She questioned. "It means I love you forever." I smile to her. I kissed her forehead. Anne leaned her head against my shoulder.


This was a beautiful thing in love. Loving and being loved, confessed to each other, kissing, hugging each other, and did any sweet things.




>>>Chris's POV<<<


I stood up from sitting and went out of my classroom. As I walked out, I saw Anne was laughing with John. They both looked very happy, especially Anne. Her expression looked extemely happy. Before this, she never smiled like that.


I felt jealous. Yes, I already realized that I had feeling towards Anne. I love her. My heart was breaking into pieces when Anne told me that she and John were in love with each other.


I was late. I was late to confess to Anne that I love her. More than a bestfriend. Nevermind, I'll just kept on waiting for her. I'm happy if she's happy.


Thank you John. Thank you for making Anne happy. Make she smiles everyday. Promise me that you would take care of her. Don't be a useless person towards Anne like me.


I heaved a sigh. If this was the right thing to do, I would just let it be.




>>>Anne's POV<<<


"We can't go home now." I said. The rainy weather made John and I stucked in the school. We sat in his classroom while waiting for the rain to stop. 


"Yeah." John agreed with my statement. He looked the skies through the window. I took out Biology book from my school bag to get rid of boredom. I told you. I studied when I was bored. When I was about to open Biology book, John closed the book.


I lifted an eyebrow. "What's wrong?" "I have another method to make your boredom disappeared." John stated. He took out two sheet of papers and two pens from his school bag. He handed a sheet of paper and a pen to me.


What was he going to do with this paper and pen? How could he make the boredom that I felt disappeared? I glanced at John in bewilderment.


"Let's write our wishes in this paper. Then, we will make an origami of airplane by using this paper and fly it away. Okay?" He suggested. I nodded as I agreed. Not bad. Maybe my boredom would be disappeared when I write my wishes.



Let's write. Hmm, where should I start first? I have too many wishes.


I wish John is destined for me. I love him a lot as much as he loves me. I wish I can make John happy because he doesn't feel happy since his parents are divorced. I want to be with him together. May our love be blessed. As I finished writing, I made the airpane origami by using the same paper.


"I'm done." I said.


"Me too."


"May our wishes come true." John said and smiled to me. We flew our airplane origami through the window. The last wish that I wrote in the paper is;


May we die in the same day and time, so both of us won't being hurt.


I knew the last wish was very complicated, but I really meant it. I didn't want to hurt John and I didn't want John hurting me. Abruptly, I felt hands were hugging my waist from the back. I smiled happily. I love it when he backhugged me. I felt like I was protected by him.


I love you John.




It was rainy weather again and I had to wait again. Psh. I hate waiting. I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for John to pick up me. As usual, I was from library.


The rain became heavier.


Few minutes later, John has arrived. He was across the street. I waved at him back as he waved at me. His clothes were all wet due to the rain. He opened the umbrella. I stood up when he was about to cross the road.


Unfortunately, A car that was out of control came towards John when he crossed the road. BUMP! John was hitted by the car.


My eyes widened. I was dumbfounded. The tears started to flow out from my eyes. I was as frozen as ice. I was speechless and stunned. All I could do was running towards him and shouted his name.




I shook his body few times. I really hope that he wake up, but he didn't. There are so much blood came out from his head. I craddled his head on my lap. I cried loudly and sobbingly. I was very afrain on that moment. Because of me, he was hitted by the car.


The road was lonely. There was nobody. The person who was inside the car also collapsed. So, I quickly took out my phone and dialled 911.




>>>Chris's POV<<<


I ran towards the hospital as I got a call from Anne. I was really shocked when I heard that she was crying and John was hitted by a car. I entered the hospital as the automatic door was opened.


"Nurse, may I ask you where is John Steven's room?" I asked the nurse as I reached the counter. I wiped my sweats. The nurse checked the list. "He's in the emergency room" I ran towards the emergency room as the nurse told.


When I reahed the emergency room, I saw Hyemin and a woman. I walked rapidly towards Anne.


"Hey-" I stop from talking when Anne hugged me. She was crying loudly. Her face was such in agony.


"keep calm, Anne. Please be strong and pray for John." I advised as I rubbed the back of her body. "This is my fault!" she bawled. She told me how John was hitted by the car.


I released the hug and held her shoulders. "no, this is not your fault. This is all because of the car was out of control." I said to calm her, but she kept blaming on herself.


A woman came approached us and she rubbed the back of Hyemin's body. "I am John's aunty." she greeted us. I bowed to her and introduced myself.




4 hours later, a doctor came out from the emergency room. John's aunt and I immediately stood up and approached the doctor. I took a quick glance at Hyemin who was sleeping.


"How's John, doctor?" John's aunt asked.


"He is in normal condition right now, but-" the doctor paused for a while. "does anyone in his family have heart disease?" he continued.


I furrowed my eyebrows. "Yes, her mother had a heart disease, ut she is died." John's aunt told.


The doctor sighed. "John is having heart disease that shorten his lifespan. I expect his death is 20 more days." He said in low tone.


My eyes widened in suprise. I looked at Anne. She was still sleeping. Anne's aunt was crying.


"I will try treating him as long as I can." The doctor said. He bowed before he walked off.


"Aunt, I hope you don't tell Anne about this matter because I don't want to see Anne sad." I said. John's aunt reluctantly nodded. I smiled faintly and rubbed the back of her body.




1 week later...


>>>John's POV<<<


I heaved a sigh. I looked outside through the window blankly. I still remembered the day when aunt said that I have a heart disease. I couldn't believe it but I had to accept the fact. My lifespan is shorten. I thought I didn't know when will I die, but now I knew that another few days is my death. I asked Chris to hide about my disease from Anne and he agreed. Anne didn't need to know about this matter. I was afraid that she would hurt.


It was tough to accept the fact. I was worried of Anne and aunt. Who would take care of them if I die? Who would make them happy when I die?


Abruptly, the tears flowed out from my eyes. I quickly wiped the tears, but it didn't stop. So, I let it be. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes.


I wanted to sleep, but I was afraid that I still had to admit that I have a heart disease when I wake up from sleeping.




>>>Anne's POV<<<


"come in." I said to John as we arrived at my house. I invited him to my house because I wanted to introduce him to my parents.


I still remembered John brought me to his house before the day he was hitted. He introduced me to his aunt and I could get to listen her aunty played violin. His aunt was amazing and talented. I admired her very much. Then, I entered his room. There was so many snow globe in his room. He said he collected it because his late mother's birthday was on christmas day.


"Mum, dad....this is John. He is my boyfriend." I introduced him to my parents. John bowed to them. "Annyeonghaseyo." He greeted.


"Hello John. Nice to meet you." My mother said while smiling at Kris. Meanwhile, my dad was only looking at John without saying anything.


"I want to go upstairs, mum." I told. My mother nodded. "Alright, I will bring foods and drink for both of you to upstairs later on."


I dragged John to upstairs and entered my room. "Your bedroom is as big as the living room in my house." He said in amusement. I chuckled.


He looked around in my room and his eyes were stopped at somthing. "Do you love to make paper stars?" He said as he saw six jar of paper stars on my desk.



I nodded. "Yes, I love it. I start making the paper stars since I was 5 years old. Chris taught me how to make it." I told. This was the first meeting between Chris and I. I met him for the first time when I saw him was making the paper stars in the car in front of his house. Then, I asked him to teach me when he went out of the car.


"Anne, what will you going to do if I die before you?" John blurted. I blinked in shock as I heard his question.


"please don't say like that. Let me tell you something. One of my wishes is I hope we die in the same day and time, so we both won't hurt." I smiled, calming myself. Why did he ask something like that?


John came closer to me and leaned his lips onto mine. I replied the kiss and we hugged each other. What's wrong with John? The way he hugged me tightly was like there's going to happen something soon.




>>>John's POV<<<


I looked at Anne, who was taking revision book on the shelf. I stared at her face in a long time because soon I won't be able to look at her face anymore.


I remembered her wish. She hoped we die in the same day and time and both of us won't hurt. It was impossible. I will die first and she will be hurt. I'm sorry Anne for not telling you about my disease. I rubbed my face few times in disappoinment.


"John, you look pale. Are you okay?" Anne cupped my face as she stood in front of me. I nodded.


She frowned in worry. "Are you sure? If you are not okay, let's go to the clinic." "I'm pretty sure that I'm okay." I said while smiling to her. I had to act cool in front of her. I had to pretend strong in front of her.


"you are studying harder. Don't you feel tired?" I asked, changing topic. She shook her head. "No. I love studying. I have to struggle to get the best University." she said.


I smiled to her. Anne, you have to succeed and think about your career and future. So, you could forget me when I die soon.


"Let's go to Han River tonight." I said. "Alright."


On that night, we went to the Han River. We ate ice cream while talking. I made a joke and she laughed. I wanted to make Hyemin happy before I die.




>>>Anne's POV<<<


I went to the library. John was in there. As I entered the library, I saw John was sleeping. I approached him and sat in front of him.


I saw he was clenching a paper in his hand. I looked at his flawless face calmly. He looked very handsome. He didn't wear earrings anymore. I chuckled when I remembered the day I insulted his messy appearance.


I touched and played his eyelashes. Abruptly, he woke up from sleeping. "Hey." He greeted. He tucked the paper inside his pocket.


"Hey." I smiled.


"When did you come?" He asked as he leaned his back against the chair. "Just now. John, can you accompany me going to classical music shop?" I questioned. I wanted to buy Vivaldi and Beethoven's classical music discs.


He nodded and smiled. "Sure. Let's go after school." He held my hands.


"Your hand is very warm. I wish I can hold your hand forever." I said. He smiled without saying anything. He still held my hands.


Suddenly, he released his hands from holding mine and his head laid on the table. I widened my eyes. What's wrong with him? Was he sleeping?


"John, wake up. Are you sleeping? John?" I shook his body few times, but he didn't wake up. I started to worry when I looked at his pale face. "John, please don't be like this. John! Help!!!" I screamed for help when still didn't wake up.


A few students ran towards us and helped John. I called 911 and the other brought John to school treatment room while waiting for ambulance. I was so frightened on that time. This was the second time John fainted in front of me. I was afraid that he would faint and never woke up again.




John's aunt, Chris and I ran approaching the doctor. "How's John?" I asked while crying sobbingly.


The doctor heaved a sighed and reluctantly shook his head. "He is died." He stated. I was frozen in desbelief. Was it dream or real? I punched my cheek and I felt hurt. Apparently, this was real.


I hugged John's aunt and crying loudly. "No way, he can't die." I shivered. John's aunt rubbed my back.


"I think this is for you. I found this paper in his pocket." The doctor said and handed the paper to me before he leave us.


I immediately read the paper.


Dear my lovely Anne,

I am afraid to tell you this, but I have to. Your last wish is impossible to be granted. I will die before you. I have a heart disease that shorten my lifespan. If you read this letter, it means I'm died. I'm sorry for not telling you about my disease because I don't want to hurt you. I'm sorry for leaving you. I'm sorry I can't take care of you anymore. I'm sorry I can't make you happy anymore. But, I will see you from above and my love towards you will never disappear. Please look for my aunt for me. She doesn't have anybody but me. Can you promise me something? Please be happy. Live well. Eat well. Alright? I pray for your happines and may you success. Goodluck on your future. I LOVE YOU ANNE HUDSON.


I cried more louder as I finished read the letter. I hugged Chris while crying sobbingly. My heart broke so much. John, please don't leave me. I need you John. I need you because I love you.


I need you because I love you.


Love became painful to me as he died. Love was a sorrow matter to me. Love was miserable. Love was bad.




"This is for you. John ask me to give you after his death." John's aunt said. I took the box from John's aunt. She stroked my shoulder before she leave me and Chris.


We just got back from John's burial. My eyes has became rheumy because of crying too much. I still couldn't believe that John was leaving me.


"You have to rest okay. Don't cry too much." Chris said before he entered his house. I nodded and I entered my house too.


In the room, I opened the box and took out the thing. John gave me a jar of paper stars. I smiled and read the card that was sticked on the jar.


Did you still remember the day we wrote our wishes and made airplanes origami? Inside the paper stars are all my wishes that I wrote on that day and quotes that I made myself for you. Read one each day so that you will feel that I am still alive :)


I opened the jar lid and took a yellow paper star. I wondered if this was his wish or his quote. So, I opened the paper star and read.


I wish you are my destiny and we live together happily.


I felt touched. It was his wish. I cried. I felt happy and sad at the same time. John, if you are still alive, I will fulfill your wish.




2 weeks later...


>>>Chris's POV<<<


I entered Anne's room. I looked at her. She was pondering. I felt sad looking at her. Since John's death, she wasn't talking so much and she didn't smile. My heart broke looking at her. Anne, please be happy.


"Anne, please be happy." I said what I thought. I stroked her back. "John. I want John back." Anne stated.


I heaved a sigh. This is what Anne said everyday. 'I want John back.' I didn't know how to make she smile again. It was hard, but I still tried my best. I hurt everytime she said like that. You still have me, Anne.


"Can you stop saying like that? Please be happy. I want to see you smile. You still have me. I-I love you, Anne. Can you love me too like you love John? can you give me a chance?" I blurted. Finally, I confessed.


Anne was dumbfounded. "Chris, I just lost John and you ask me to love you? It's impossible. Are you taking opportunity on his death? You know that I love John, right? How could you ask me to give you a chance? I thought you understand my situation, but YOU DON'T!" Anne sneered.


She went out of her room and slammed the door. I was rejected. I'll wait for you, Anne.




I started my motorcycle engine and rode to home. On the way to home, I saw a familiar figure on the roadside. She was walking. I stared at her. The way she walked, I knew that she was crying. Please stop crying, girl.


I approached him. "Anne, I will send you back." I said to Anne, but she continued walking instead of leaving response.


I sighed. She became stubborn lately. Before she walked further than me, I managed to stop her. "Anne, listen to me. Please stop crying, can you? I will send you back." I held her shoulders and shook her.


Abruptly, she hugged me and she cried loudly. At first, I was shocked of her action but soon I hugged her back. I stroked her back and calmed her.


Fine. If she still didn't want to stop crying, I couldn't do anything but calmed her. Anne, please stop crying. I wanted to see you smile desperately and badly.




4 years later...


>>>Chris's POV<<<


"Happy anniversery, my wife!" I uttered to Anne. I gave a bouquet of tulips to her. I knew she love tulips very much. Anne smiled and took a quick peck onto my lips. "Thank you very much!"


Today is our first anniversary. Yes, I succeeded making Anne love me and we married last year. I was very happy because I was able to make her happy and smile back.


"Where's John?" I asked. "He's sleeping." Anne said while dragging me to sit on the sofa.


John is our son. Anne gave birth to him 2 months ago. I was glad that I became a husband and a father. I didn't care if Anne wanted to give John as our son's name, as long as she happy. I didn't want to look Anne sad again.


"I love you." I stated and kissed Anne's forehead.




>>>Anne's POV<<<


I was very happy. Today is Chris and my first anniversary. When he gave tulip flowers, I suddenly remembered of late John. I still kept tulip flowers that he gave to me until now.


There was so many things had happened 4 years ago. I cried because of John's death, Chris suceeded making me love him, I succeeded in my final exam and entered the best University in South Korea, I married with Chris and now, I have a son named John.


Yes, I still couldn't forget of my first love, John Steven. He taught me so many things. Because of him, I could feel happy. Because of him, I could feel sad. Because of him, I knew what is love.


Love was a beautiful thing to me when John and I loved each other and love was painful when John was died, but now love became beautiful again when I married to Chris and gave birth to Chris's son.


John is my past. Chris is my present and future.


Thank you, John. Thank you for everything.


"I love you too." I replied as Chris kissed my forehead. I smiled to him and hugged him happily.



thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy. Your comments are highly appreciated :)



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