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Aeyla del Monte + Park Sean & Others


Hi, I am Aeyla Marie del Monte
No, I am not terribly related to the pets food company Del Monte Foods. (Though I wish I was. At least I'm rich!)
I am not your typical girl.
I don't live in a mansion.
I'm not the smartest in the class.
When I eat, I put one foot up on the chair, just for the fun of it.
I am Aeyla Marie del Monte. A proud Filipina of 15 years old. 
And I am PERFECT! 
Perfectly crazy to cross paths with Park Shiyon. Or the Korean-American who is also known as Park Sean


Hello everyone! This is season here, and I present to you Confessions of the Ugly. I had inspiration when I noticed that not all girls who get good guys are pretty. They have nice personalities, and I want to write about that. Now, if you're asking if the girl is ugly, she is. But, how ugly she is? It depends entirely on you. Leave a comment, subscribe and upvote if you guys liked it! ^^ 

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Anggie  on says about chapter 1:
Aeyla sure has an interesting personality :D

flowersea  on says:
this story is really interesting i love it!

angelicsmile  on says about chapter 1:
Nice story ^^

AcornyJOKES  on says:
Update soon :)),waiting to the chapters :))

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