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Jane (you), Lucy, Andrew and other original character


Vampire Accademy


Tittle : Vamipire Accademy

Author : Chanyeolstagram

Genre : Horror, Super Natural, Mystery and Romance

Character : Jane (you), Lucy, Andrew and more

Written : 23 May 2014

Ended : -

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I want to remind you that  am not plagiarism the other movie or novel tittled Vampire Accademy. I am write this truthfully from my idea. I have no idea if you guys judge me. I am new here and so please tell me if I do or did fault!



"Run Jane! Go away Jane!" her mother shouted at her. A group of werewolves were attacking her house. Jane's dad has killed by one of the biggiest werewolf who died there too. Jane to small as vampire, you are 50 years old and too small to fight with the werewolves. Jane was just run away far from that house until she reach the city, She ran to her sibblings house, Lucy. She tell to Lucy's parents about what happens to Jane's family.

When they arrived at Jane's house there was no way the sign of life, blood was whover Jane's house and there weren't any Jane's parent death body. Jane was adopted by Lucy's parent. 200 years has passed, Jane and Lucy grow up into a beautiful teenager. They are popular in their city as the adorable sibblings. This year, Jand and Lucy are going to enter the Vampire accademy to trainee as a mature Vampire.
















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