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Ashley Tower(You),Stacey Tower(You),Bill Kaulitz,Tokio Hotel


"Just don't leave me here alone in the dark i've need you all my life,you're like my guardian angel"

"I don't have any other choice,just try to catch me in your dreams i'll always be there"


Main Characters:

Ashley Tower

She's the total opposite from a normal American girl
Ashley is a really realistic person she hates those
persons that see the world full of rainbows and butterflies.
Falling in love is a rare thing to happen with Ashley because
of her cold personality people think she's mean
but in the inside she's just a innocent child that needs help and love.

Stacey Tower

Stacey unlike her sister has more
of a pessimistic view of the world she hates the way everyone seems so happy.
But even after all Stacey  is a really sensitive girl that wants to be able to be
always smiling and cheering up her older sister.

Bill Kaulitz

Bill Kaulitz is one of the hottest boy on the school
yet the most shy he really finds it weird when his friends are always next to girls
like they don't have anything else to do.
Bill wants to leave the group to be a normal student
he wants to be able to love someone truly
not to treat them like a broken doll that can be thrown away he wants to stay with her forever.


"Only fools fall in love Bill"Ashley said as he holded a bouquet of flowers, his eyes were full of tears he didn't know that love was so painful, it's like being stabbed in the heart and they don't take the knife out at once they take it out little by little to be more painful.

"I should've listened to you i'm sorry Ashley,i'm truly sorry"Bill said and he left leaving Ashley there alone in the middle of nowhere it was just her and the darkness.

"I'll always wait for you Bill Kaulitz "Ashley said and started walking to the opposite direction her dress was already wet from the rain so it didn't matter anymore, dresses can always be replaced but her pride and dignity were already crashed making her more weak than ever. People are right LOVE is something that just doesn't have a simple explanation it's always to complex.

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loveynovy  on says:
Love it! :)

CheqBeah96  on says about chapter 1:
it's interesting.... looking forward for the next update..

angelicsmile  on says:
Please update soon

-flowerbird  on says:
Update really soon

fany2013  on says:
i'm excited
i really want to read this story till it ends!

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