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Alina (oc), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel





With Metatron imprisoned, Castiel has taken back Heaven and restored it to it's glory. The angels are in his debt, and he is now busy reinstating his brothers and sisters, helping them readjust and assisting those who chose to stay on Earth.

Sam is worried for Dean, The Mark still possesses him and now that Metatron is gone, Dean's newest target is Crowley, King of Hell. However before he has a chance to gank the demon himself, a new case brings new troubles.


There's a tear between realms. Faerie's are slipping through the veil, and when a faerie comes, it comes to stay. 







When Crowley finally showed up, Sam had already figured his bargain, that there wouldn’t be one. This was all Crowley’s fault and Sam had no intention of selling his soul. This was a do it or else situation.

But the king of hell was silent. They both knew what this was for, and Crowley only had to wait for Dean to make his arrival.

And when Dean did stumble into the room, his eyes were obsidian, the First Blade still tightly gripped in his hand. He blinked whilst still in shadow, his eyes returning to green before Sam could turn and see them.

“Dean?!” Sam gasped, fury bubbled inside him. “Crowley, did you do this?!

“Please, Moose, do you really think I wouldn’t know why you summoned me here?”


“Sammy,” Dean spoke, voice rasp, “it’s okay, I’m okay,”

Sam hugged Dean, pulling his brother in and held him tightly.

“B-But Crowley – a deal has to be made, right?”

“Consider this a freebie. Dean and I are besties, Sam, this is what friends do. Help each other.”

“And what does Dean have to do in return?” Sam asked, sceptic that any ‘freebie’ Crowley gave in the name of friendship was a hoax.

“Nothing. As you said, I am the reason Dean died, and while I am no longer burdened by those sickening human feelings, I do owe him for ganking that infuriating whore, Abaddon.”

“So what, Dean’s human again? I mean, fully – no Mark of Cain?”

“Oh no, the Mark is still there, but I have… healed Dean’s body. Until I can find someone to take it on for him.”

“You want to give the Mark to someone else?!”

“Would you rather Dean die?”

Sam turned back to Dean, at a loss for words – at a loss for options.

“Hey, Sammy, I’m starving, mind getting some grub?” Dean piped in, patting his brothers shoulder.

“Dean… you were dead, I saw Metatron kill you and – don’t I get five minutes?”

Sammy,” the tone said it all, and it made Sam’s stomach turn. There had been a deal. There had to have been.

Sam sighed and nodded, leaving Dean alone with Crowley.

Dean’s eyes flicked back to black, he played with his grip on the blade.

“You seem to have gotten the hang of that quite quickly, Dean,” Crowley said, impressed that his protégé was assimilating quite well.

“I had to. Sam can’t know,”

It wasn’t Crowley’s plan to fool Sam into believing Dean was human. The elder hunter couldn’t stand the idea of Sam finding out that the tables had turned. He knew how Sam would look at him.

If Sam found out Dean had become a demon, it would break his heart.

In the brief moments Crowley had before he would appear before Sam, he quickly ran over the basics for Dean: how to change his eyes back, avoid devil’s traps, salt, and silver. Dean may have gotten a handle on the eyes, but devil’s traps were all over the bunker, silver in nearly every weapon and utensil. It would be an adjustment Dean would have to live with until he was ready for Sam to know – or the inevitable mishap of Dean touching silver, walking into a devils trap or being sprayed with holy water. Anything could happen.

“Well, while I appreciate you letting me in on your façade, I must get back down stairs and rule over hell once more. Put some fear into every demon who left my rule for the red-headed bitch.” Crowley said, “Care for me to take the blade, Dean?”

“I can hold on to it for now,”

“Really? What will Moose think when he sees you clutching that like a security blanket? You have to pretend you’re human,”

“He doesn’t know that the blade kills the human. Just the high. I can go on using the blade now, can’t I?”

“Well, yes, of course but-”

“Then that’s what I’ll do. Sam doesn’t need to know anything about this.”





I've never been one for original character fanfics, but I was having serious

Jensen Ackles / Dean feels and needed something fun and angsty to write. I'm

taking the faerie characters from both lore and portraying most (unless stated

other wise) in a similar light to those in Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series.







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I don't know if I'm ready to put myself through a fic that has so much potential heart-breaking angst T^T

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