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by AnimefreakFeral
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You,Zombies&The; Group.


When the world comes to an end and your parents are trying to eat your flesh,there's certain things you need to know. Certain rules and regulations,as well as those well needed survival tips that may just save your meat. 

Subscribe&read,If you want to live through the upcoming era of the flesh-eating beasts. Otherwise,shoot yourself.

I'm joking._.


Yo. I'm originally from Asianfanfics,but I had this idea and well,I can't really put it on there. Apart from K-POP,my biggest fandom is zombie apocalypse.
So...Enjoy I guess.^^

Disclaimer:This is for entertainment purposes only. Unless you're like me and believe there will be an apocalypse soon. But whatever. 

Credit;The Walking Dead,Dawn of the Dead&Zombieland.

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OrangeCandy  on says:
T_T It sounds so scary but awesome at the same time! :3 ... that sounds weird... *shoots self*
I look forward to your update~ ^3^

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