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Welcome to Big Star Advertisment shop 

Open | Busy | Closed | Hiring

Stuck, frustrated, unpopular?

Well here at Big star Advertisment shop we give you ads to 

make your story become Popular! This time it's FREE!


RULES: Please subscribe to this shop if you would like it to be advertised.

Unsubscribing IS allowed

If you have requested then let us know us know in the comments.

Please send us your orders privately!

Thank You



Bright Side Graphic shop!

Open | Busy | Closed | Hiring

Writing New stories? Looking for the perfect posters?

Here at Bright side Graphic Shop, we give you free posters you request!

Repeat that again? FREE!

What are you doing behind the computer screen searching for the perfect poster?

Come and request for a poster!

RULES: Subscribing is not needed.

Once you've requested please make a notice in the comment.

If you do request please send the orders directly/privately to us.

Thank You!

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GiveMariCookies  on says about chapter 2:
Story title: Swords and Tomes
Story link: http://www.fanficoverflow.com/story/view/2543/swords-and-tomes-romance-family-videogames-fea-fireemblem
Author: GiveMariCookies
Characters: Multiple (Main ones being Morgan and Inigo)
Theme: Bright and Romantic
Extras: Uhm...I was wondering if you can use this picture?? It's kind of hard for me to find one for these two as a pairing:
Summary: Uhh...I'm guessing the summary of the story?? (I'm kinda filling this out at 4am so...)
Ad or Poster: Poster
J6767 or Cute 6: Cute6

Gyu-ra  on says about chapter 2:
Story title: Mash It Up: Disney, Pixar and Marvel
Story link: http://www.fanficoverflow.com/story/view/2493
Author: Gyu-ra
Characters: Multi-characters
Theme: Cheery and happy
Extra: My story might not be open yet. But it will soon. And since this is a Multi-character story request, you can use anything that you see fitting and thank you in advance!
Summary: this is a request shop so... Idk.
Ad or poster: Poster
J6767 or Cute6: J6767

Khunjixx13  on says about chapter 2:
question can you guys do posters for other fanfic sites like wattpad ???

cutieflower133  on says:
Just a tip..

cutieflower133  on says:
. Also put put some of the work you guys have done before to show the customers how well you guys have done :)

cutieflower133  on says:
Ehhehehe.. I have a tip. Since I have been running a graphic shop on AFF, I suggest giving the shop a poster to it to attract more people.

MidnightNightingale  on says about chapter 3:
Sankyuu~! I love it!

MidnightNightingale  on says about chapter 2:
Story Title: THe Mysterious Garden
Story Link: http://www.fanficoverflow.com/story/view/2168/the-mysterious-garden-poem
Author: MidnightNightingale
Characters: Original Characters
Theme: Romance, Mystery
Extra: Feel free to do what you see the best! TY. xD

Jade6767 [A]  on says about chapter 2:

I'm a 3

My posters are in AsianFanfics right now

Weakness: Dark and all that

My strength are comedy fluff bright

I am willing to do these things because I got inspired by 1 poster I saw while reading a fanfic :) I can give you the Link to it as well as my best posters later,

[comment deleted by owner]

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