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For Those Who Have Heart


Written by: GriffinBoots


Hello! Welcome to the World of Pokemon! This is a wonderful world in which children can start their very own adventures even by the young age of 10, and they can travel around the entire world by themselves. Although it is every child's dream to become a Pokemon Trainer, the life of a trainer may not be everything it is made out to be.

In this story, as you follow Kevyn Lane through he journey, you will see all the hardships the trainers will go through. You will see all the good and bad times that happen as young children go through their journeys at such a young age. From bonding with Pokemon to making friends along your travels, and exploring the loses that every trainer has to face.

You have played through the games and maybe even watched some of the anime. Many children have gone off on journeys, but none of them are quite like this one. Kevyn faces many intense battles, but builds even feircer friendships.

The world that you may know of as the Pokemon World is not quite the same as the world Kevyn lives in. Recently, Pokemon battles have become feircer and much more dangerous for the Pokemon participating in them. Pokemon in the wild have become more feirce and they are much more likely to attack traverlers. Because of this, the cities that people live in have been built up with barriers to keep wild Pokemon out and the people in. Pokemon Trainers are not as common as they used to be, but it is still many peoples' dreams to become the Pokemon Master.

The world this Pokemon World is based on is slightly similar to that of the Terca Lumeris from the Tales of Vesperia game. Also, the story is based on Nuzlocke Challenges that I have played.





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