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Ashley, Tony, Other OCs


It's about truths and lies. People might think all the things in the world are all the truths. Actually, it's not. In this case, Ashley, stood up from her chair trying her best to tell all people in the court that her dad didn't make any fault. Her dad is not a murderer. Her dad never killed a little girl whom just came back from the kindergarten. Her dad never knew cruelty. Her dad is just an innocent man whom needs love and mercy. Unfortunately, people around him ignored him and hated him, purposely trying to make him suffers.


"I'll prove them you're not a murderer, dad. Don't worry, okay?"

"I love you, daughter. May God bless you."


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Ashley loves her dad more than anyone else and she's willing to do everything for her dad. Her dad is the one who took care of her until she's now a mature twenty year old girl. Ashley is a lawyer and she wants to defend her dad's rights.

Tony is a twenty one year old man who is a son of the principal in the most prestigious school in the world. Tony is a CEO in C&E Corp. Tony is the only reason why Ashley's dad was put into the prison. Ashley's dad had made a fault on C&E Corp. and he didn't ask for an apologize. Tony thought Ashley's dad was trying to sabotage his company, so he put Ashley's dad into the prison by telling the court that Ashley's dad had killed a little girl whom just came back from the kindergarten.


"This is about secret. Please make sure that no one will know this. I trust you."

Tony will be put into the prison if the court knows he lied. Tony told his personal assistant, Amanda about the lie he made. He believed Amanda because Amanda is the only girl he loved. Will Amanda keeps the secret from being known by the court?

Hey, hah...this is baby-b. Woohoo. I write a story ngehehe.

Hmm... so this is my first time writing a story here and I don't really know much about this site.

I have an account in AFF but I don't write a story there but I probably will write a story someday in AFF.

Ok, I'm introducing myself as a writer with this story entitled Denial. Tbh, I don't know much about courts, judgements.

But this is fanfiction. So, something impossible can be possible, right? ngehehe.

Oh yah, I'm not really good in English; yes, I am not. My English is simple, seriously.

English isn't my body language; so, you must understand. hehe.

I have no friend in this site. No one adds me as friend; oh pity me.

Don't worry. I'm human and I don't bite. Be friend me is fun. So, don't be shy! Let's be friend hehe.

I need a poster and background, really. Oh and I appreciated your supports no matter what terms it is.

Subscriptions, votes and comments. I do appreciate all! If you did all of it, I'd love you forever, sincerely.

Please do not plagiarize. This is my work and I gave all my hard-works on this story. Don't steal!

Lastly, I hope you enjoy! Happy reading!

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