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Abed had his TV shows and his movies and for years he didn't need anyone else but when the realisation that he wants Troy Barnes as more than a best friend hits him smack in the face, he finds it harder and harder to convince everyone that he's F-Y-N-E, especially Troy because best friends don't lie to each other and it's getting harder and harder for Abed to not just tell Troy that he's actually F-I-N-E.


Title:              I'm F-i-n-e

Rating:            G

Genre:            Angst, Romance, Friendship.

Characters:      Troy and Abed (and the rest of the study group)

Type:              Chaptered (ongoing)          


Hello! This is my very first Community fic as well as my very first fic on this site, I hope you all enjoy.
As this is my first fic I haven't perfect writing Abed's character yet, please forgive me for not writing him properly.




This fic has slight spoilers from the first episode of season 4, so yeah.. don't read it if you haven't gotten up to then and don't want it ruined.


Troy told Britta and Annie that he and Abed came up with a code that means fine and not fine. F-Y-N-E is fine and F-I-N-E is not fine,  its a pretty big part of this fic so I just wanted to explain to anyone who may have forgotten.

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