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Poppy Wright, Arthur Cavendish, Debora Wright, Asher Belleville, Kenneth Carter, The Cavendishs, The Carters, The Kensingtons



Have you ever had questions that you couldn't solve?
Have you ever loved the wrong person?

Poppy Wright lived in a complicated family.

She didn’t know if she was supposed to be angry or be cool with her mother.
For one thing, her mom liked to date guys that are much much younger than her.

And yes, her mom had dated tons of younger good looking guys.
Few years after the death of Poppy's step-father, 
And a few months after seeing her mother’s latest boyfriend get dumped,
Her mother brought home a charming looking guy –– Arthur Cavendish.
Poppy hated the fact that the guy was practically ten years younger than her mom!

Would her complicated life get any worse than this?




HER: Poppy Caylen Wright / Kensington (17)

Poppy Wright or Poppy Kensington is a confident and smart girl.
She loves tidiness and she also have a temper when something doesn't suit her.
Daughter to Debora Wright and an unknown father as her mother gave birth to her when she was only sixteen.
She dislike her mom for bringing home guys that are younger than her mom.
She is also half-blooded sister to Ferguson Kensington and step-daughter to the late chairman of Kensington Resort.


HIM: Arthur Layne Cavendish (23)

Arthur Cavendish is a high and mighty guy.
He don't usually show affection or kindness to anyone.
His only friends are his cousins, Robert and Emmett.
He is the chief executive director (CED) and the only heir of his father's company, The Cavendish Group and he did really well in work.
He likes to date girls that are older than him because to him, older girls are mature.
Because of that, he is now currently dating Poppy's mom,
Debora Wright.


HER: Debora Hollyn Wright Kensington (33)

Debora Wright is a flawless successful businesswoman.
She had Poppy when she was only sixteen in high school.
She loves to date guys that are younger than her but eventually, she got married to the chairman of the world's top 3 Resort, Kensington Resort.
She gave birth to Ferguson and she inherited Kensington Resort after the death of her husband.
She still date tons of younger guys after a few months but Arthur Cavendish is her current perfect boyfriend.


HIM: Asher Tyson Belleville (17)

Asher Belleville is a kind and a loving friend anyone is lucky to have.
He is bestfriend to Poppy along with Matthew, Ian and Colin.
He lives in a middle class family but to him, it was more than enough.
He is also Poppy's childhood friend, her companion and her life listener.


HIM:  Kenneth Drake Carter (41)

Kenneth Carter is one of the world's famous artist.
He work as an international actor as he can speak fluently not only in English but both Chinese and Japanese.
He had a divorce with his wife a long time ago and that left him with two sons, Robert and Emmett.
He is also the younger brother to Savannah Carter. 


HIM: Ferguson Quinn Kensington (6)

Ferguson Kensington is an annoying little brat.
Son to Debora Wright and Joel Kensington and half-blooded brother to Poppy Wright.
He is one of the youngest heir in the world as he is the heir to his late father's resort, KResort.


THEM: Colin Wesley Lincoln, Matthew Glenn Evans, Ian Vernon Savoy (17)

They are Poppy and Asher's schoolmates, classmates and best friends.
All of them are in a school band name "Infinite 5".
Even though they're all in a singing band, they have their own future dreams and ambitions.
They are all in the same age and had been friends since the first year of middle school.


THEM: Robert Bailey Carter (24), Emmett Jace Carter (22)

They are Arthur's only bestfriends and cousins.
Robert Carter and Emmett Carter are brothers with different personalities.
Robert is the cheerful and funny type but Emmett is more to the serious type.
Son to the famous actor, Kenneth Carter and respect their father a lot.
Robert, the older one, work as a CFO in The Cavendish Group while Emmett, the younger one, work as a top medical doctor in John Hopkins Hospital.


HIM: Harold Dawson Cavendish (52)

Harold Cavendish is a wise and strict chairman of The Cavendish Group.
Father to Arthur Cavendish and a faithful husband to Savannah Carter.
His company cooperate with one of the world's top 3 resort, Kensington Resort.
He knows about his son's relationship with Kensington Resort's chairwoman and wasn't happy about it.


HER: Savannah Zoe Carter Cavendish (50)

Savannah Carter is a graceful and elegant woman.
Mother to Arthur Cavendish and a dutiful wife to Harold Cavendish.
She's the vice chairman of The Cavendish Group but she rarely enters the company.
She also knows about her son's relationship and she dislike it alot.
To make her son get married earlier, she plan many blind dates and match makings with other famous company's daughter.





Hey guys!

So actually "Scars of Love" is originally written in Asian Fan Fics.

In AFF, it's featuring IU and Nam Woo Hyun so whoever is a fan of them, you may read it there too.

I'm gonna update this story with the same storyline and almost the same conversations but in English.

Which means I won't put any 'Korean' language unlike the one I wrote in AFF.

This version is suppose to be in America-British with English names so to those who doesn't understand Korean, you can read this version :)


Support "Scars of Love" in AFF too!



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I love your story. Keep up the good work. Tip: Do not get carried away, make sure to stay on one topic at all times and remember to have fun.

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