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Kai/JongIn | You (OC) | Sunggyu | EXO | INFINITE


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Don't Worry If I Argue With You. Worry When I Stop. Because That Means That I Have Nothing Left To Fight For Anymore. 
걱정하지마. 괜찮아. 



Kim JiMin

▍15 Years Old

▍167cm / 43kg

Kim Jimin is the daughter of famous photographer Kim SungJin and model or designer Kang JiHee. Jimin is from a wealthy family but her parents raised her without spoiling her so she grew up lovely. She's' studying at SM High, the best high school of Korea. Kim Jimin is very multitalented but she still gets bored easily and is hard to impress. Jimin is very athletic. She loves to dance especially to dance ballet. She already took ballet lessons when she was 3 years old but stopped at the age of 6 because she wanted to try gymnastic, swimming and figure skating. She started modeling and designing with her mom when she was 10 years old but slowly found interest in photographing like her dad. Because of her grandfather genes, Jimin likes to draw and sketch. She has a great and loveable voice which she inherited from her Grandma. Jimin used to act in the school's acting club. Her great cooking is praised by everyone who tasted her food. She only has one friend, Lee RyuMin. Many students don't know and underestimate her, treat her like nothing and calling her bad names.

She's kind, outgoing, silly, cute, adorable and a huge teaser but she knows how to respect and be polite to elders, she's smart and wise, honest and gentle with everything around her. But to be honest, she has a weak heart and is very fragile after that incident. Behind this perfect girl, Kim Jimin, there is something hidden. What is it ? It's a secret. Will he be able to find out ? Will Jimin reveal her secret to him ? She stayed still...but she didn't knew that he would have changed for her. "I'm sorry. I didn't know your feelings."
Kim JongIn

▍18 Years Old

▍183cm / 65kg

Kim JongIn is an orphan since his 1st birthday. He was a so called 'accident' between his non married mother and father. JongIn was teased and bullied for his bad and ugly looks when he was younger by the orphan kids who were sharing the room with him until now. But look what happened. He is the most handsome guy in the orphanage now. His roommates blames themselves because they are regretting. The regret everything what they've done said to him. Girls wants him to be their boyfriend, boys wants to befriend with him but no chance. He never liked anyone in his 18 years nor did he befriend with anyone in the orphanage. He would just eat and sleep. When he was younger he played by himself and now he is used to be alone with no one around him. No one could raise and feed him like other kids were raised. He grew up by himself. The only think he likes is to dance. Dancing was the only thing which could cheer him up. He could dance non stop and he liked it. Beside dancing, he loves it to sing and rap but he had never sung in front of anyone. JongIn likes to draw and sketch too.

JongIn gets awkward if it comes to expressing his feelings. JongIn was once seeing his life in a good way. He had some hope...He thought that one day, someone would adopt him and treat him like their own son but that was 13 years ago. He lost his hope as he saw other kids getting adopted one by one but he wasn't. Was it because of his attitude ? Or was it because he was ugly once ? Look doesn't matter or does it ? As the kids at his age were bullying him he started to ignore him. With that, a thick wall was built around his heart and his heart became cold like ice. No one managed to melt his heart once. He got quiet and mysterious yet he is very smart, athletic, calm and somehow knows how to be respectful. But who knows what is hidden deep inside ? JongIn still knows how to be gentle and how to smile but he knows that he still lacks a lot. And now he is afraid to love. Afraid to give love. Afraid that he'll only hurt himself and you more. He couldn't receive the love he needed and never experienced it so he doesn't know. And he thinks it's better to leave... "I'm sorry. I was afraid to hurt you."







[Left to Right]

Lee RyuMin and Kim Jimin






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As you already knows the story is about Kai and you, you !

Kim Sunggyu from Infinite will be an important character too...just for you to know.

In this story, Kai isn't Kai but JongIn. Which means that EXO won't be in this story from the beginning but they will appear (As well as INFINITE).


Why I'm writing this story ?

You know that this was all because of a dream and whatever but I don't really read many stories where JongIn is the real JongIn.

And there's no "aka Kai" in this story.

You know, he is sexy and hot on stage and he smirks a lot but I bet that he is cute and funny off stage and those smirks turns into wide grins.

So I wanted to show you a fanfic where JongIn can be the real JongIn.



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