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Cally Adair | Lyndsey Wilkinson | Eric Stallings | Jake Haynes





"Cally Adair," A man in a white suit called as he appeared from the door. "You're being summoned." 

She nodded and followed him through the door he'd come through. They were transfered to another room and it was pure white with nothing but plain furniture and a lady at a desk. She looked absolutely bored. 

The man in charge of appointments instructed for Cally to enter the main room and speak about her future. 

Yes, Cally was new here. She'd just died a few months ago and it seemed as if she'd been stuck in a depression and darkness forever. Until one day, she had come to her senses and experienced the light. The minute she entered "Heaven" she'd begun to feel lighter and happier. As if nothing would-- or could-- weigh her down any longer. 

She had only been here for less than a week and she'd been told that she needed to be seen and assigned. 

With her new found life in Heaven, she'd been reborn an angel due to her moral status-- or so she'd assumed. She had been reborn without her memories though. She felt uneasy about the whole ordeal but it seemed as though after this appointment and after she finished her assignment, that she'd be able to regain her past memories. 

"He'll see you now," The lady groaned, motioning for her to take her place in his office. For an angel, she did not seem too friendly or as happy as she'd imagined angels to be. She seemed more like a regular person from her perspective. "Go through and good luck."

She once again nodded like the innocent child that she was and followed her instructions without questions. "Yes, ma'am."

She opened the door and as it slid open slowly, a blinding white light shone through the cracks. She quickly swung it open and walked through, hoping that the light would at least dim

"Hello... Miss Adair," A woman spoke, her back to her. "I've been told you've just awakened. It's a pleasure to meet you. I am one of the Head angels, call me Anne. I will be your mentor."

She turned and just as she did, her beautiful white wings spread open. They seemed to make the room feel oddly smaller than before due to their large size. Cally gawked at her glorious wings and had trouble remembering her business at hand.

"I--I... Hello," She mumbled nervously. She mentally face-palmed at her embarrassing introduction. "I'm Cally Adair, nice to meet you as well, Anne."

"You're a sweet girl," She smiled, warmth spreading through her smile. "I'm happy that you were suited and chosen as a guardian. I know you have your quirks and charms, but you'll be perfect. I'm sure you've heard, but, by completing your task, you will be able to find peace and that means receiving what you deserve. I believe you want to remember your past? I hope you get what you wish as you embark on your journey. You will start tomorrow, good luck my girl. Everything you need is in this backpack, now go."

Cally accepted the white backpack and thanked Anne, "I actually have a few questions... if you don't mind."

"Those will have to wait," She chuckled, patting Cally on the back. "Go my dear, you'll be contacted soon enough and will be able to ask me anything anytime, just not now. Now, you must be on your way. I'll be in touch, goodbye Cally Adair. Remember, kindness, honesty, and forgiveness lightens and brightens the heart.

Before she could respond, Anne closed up her strikingly beautiful wings and a white light-- as if a portal-- magically transported Cally out of the room and into the human world, in a town called, Summerport




Call Adair, a newly born angel who is in search of her past and also wishes to gain her wings and become a full and complete angel, is assigned as a guardian and is to watch over a boy, and by "watch over" also entitles: babysitting, guiding, and helping him achieve whatever he wants to help him in life.

How can this innocent and angelic looking teen with a quirky and devilish personality get along with the most popular boy at school? Obviously, if you can get past the numerous fights, silent treatments, and annoyingly romantic drama, I'd say that they'd get along just fine... seeing as they haven't killed eachother yet. 



Cally Adair
Nina Agdal




Lyndsey Wilkinson
Indiana Evans



Eric Stallings
Colton Haynes






Jack Haynes
Hunter Parrish




Cally Adair  |  Lyndsey Wilkinson   |  Eric Stallings  |   Jake Haynes

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Anggie  on says about chapter 1:
Seriously, Cally, how can you introduce yourself like that and expect people to believe you? >_<
This is quite interesting ^-^

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