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Luna (OC), Zack (OC)


I can see his face through this wild crowd.


His deep voice.

His passionate voice.

His charismatic voice.


I wished i could listen to it.


Crystal clear tears drop to my cheek coldly.

I know he's working hard to show me this.

I know he's been longing to sing it to me.

but it's too late.

Everything is too late now.

I can never hear your voice again.


I'll listen to you.

Even if I can't hear you.





I can see you from the stage.

You're standing still all alone at the back of the crowd.


I don't want you to hear me.

I want you to listen to me.


Even though you can't.


I'll make you listen 


with your eyes,

with your heart,

and with your lips.


Trust me.

Just listen to me.

Even if you can't hear me.





Have you ever thought that He might be just a person who sits beside you at the bus stop?

Or the person who stands near you when you were waiting for a train.

This story might not catch your eyes.

This story might not have the fairy tales that you’re looking for.

This story might bore you out of your living soul.

But in this story, I met him.

In this story, I shape myself.

In this story, I gained and lose.

Even now, I don’t know how this story, my story, is going to end.

Or maybe there will be no end.



My name is Luna and this is the story of my life.


*  *  *


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