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America, Russia, England, Canada, and Other Hetalia Characters


  Russia certainly doesn't have the best mental stability, but don't all the countries? There's reasons why America stops himself from falling in love and just keeps his friends, plus his obnoxious personality certainly helps keep people from liking him romantically. What happens one day though, when he finds his heart beating for different reasons toward Russia? Will he be able to control this side of him that he's tried so hard to keep down?





  + So I thought, what if in the Rusame relationship America was the crazy one? I won't give away too many details right now, but whenever America falls in love with someone, he just loves them a little too much. You'll see. ^-^ Be warned for some dark-ish themes, crying, a little blood (or maybe a lot), violence, fighting, obsession, mental unstableness, insanity, and a couple other things. *shrugs* I hope you like it! ^o^

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