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Eric | Lucy | Original characters



They met in a place where most people come to die.

He was going to die too, until he saw her.

She wanted to live, and slowly, he wanted the same, too. 



Start: 2nd February, 2015


It wasn’t a gold bar he was asking for.

It was just a cup, an empty white cup made from polystyrene that he needed. To bore a tiny hole on its bottom, punch a string in and then he was going to take her cup – that girl who was smiling on the bed next to him, that girl who was always wearing a beanie, that’s her – and do the same thing.

“It’s okay. I can still hear you from here,” she croaked; it had been long since she tried to speak that loud. The last time she did, she coughed blood. He shook his head, disagreed.

“You’ll bust your throat again. Wait, I’ll find Nurse Emily,” he told her, grabbing his crutches and jumped off his bed. The stump that used to be his left leg felt stinging, as if there was a thousand spiders biting him in the same place, at the same time.

“Eric...” she called him, but Eric still insisted on going out from their room and finding Nurse Emily, their caretaker in charge.

“I’ll find one, Lucy. Trust me,” he assured her, and hopped out of the room with a determination.

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