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by ilove_xo
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Demigod's Advertisement Shop { open} - apply advertisementshop - main story image



Applicants :DD






shop info;

author; ilove_xo

co-author; none

type; layout shop

layout #; layout 0.2 ft. food

no. requests; none




layout by me @ aff


precious rules;

{ one } please do subsribe and upvote!

{ two } no bashing

{ three } no rushing, i'm only one

{ four } comment!

{ five } credit nicely.

{ six } give me hd photos

{ seven } i don't do horror or angst

{ eight } do NOT unsubscribe

{ nine } comment if you have your layout.

{ ten } have fun and visit this shop anytime











advertise form;

username // here

profile link // here

story name // here

short description // here

anything else // here

characters // here




{ one } the dark night

{ two } shockwave graphics and writing

{ three } ashes of time

{ four } here

{ five } here

other shops;

{ one } paperhearts layout shop

{ two } here

{ three } here

{ four } here

{ five } here

layout by me @ aff

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jj_maple  on says:
username // jj_maple

profile link // http://www.fanficoverflow.com/profile/view/2128

story name // What We Do For Love

short description // Story of a one-sided love

anything else // please include a boy, girl and the back of someone's head (head belonging to narrator

characters // JJ- guy Lillian/Lilly- girl Narrator doesn't have a name

thank you in advance

Grey_Storm  on says about chapter 1:
thanks for advertising the story :)

Aoi_Magnolia  on says about chapter 3:
Yay! Thanks for advertising my story! ^_^

Aoi_Magnolia  on says:
username // Aoi_Mokuren

profile link // http://www.fanficoverflow.com/profile/view/1323

story name // Ashes of Time

short description // Memories are meant to be pleasant, something that reminds a person of wondrous, cheerful times. For others, their memories are a constant reminder of nightmares brought into reality. Something that must be locked away and buried in the deepest part of their conscious. They try not to let their past change the person they aspire to be, but when the time comes they will be forced to sift through the ashes.

characters // OCs

ilove_xo [A]  on says:
Guys! Please upvote and also help in advertising demigod~!

SteezyTwee  on says:
username // SteezyTwee

profile link // http://www.fanficoverflow.com/profile/view/934

story name // Shockwave Graphics and Writing http://www.fanficoverflow.com/story/view/374/

short description //
This shop is a collaboration that two siblings, moi and YourWriter, created for fun.
I am responsible for giving you a graphic that can help you convey your story visually. YourWriter is responsible for being your writing resource, wether you want a one-shot, excerpt, or if you're having writer's block and just need new ideas, YourWriter will provide it for you. If you also want graphic freebies from me(i.e. DP, icon, etc.) then just leave a comment of what type of graphic you want and who you want featured.
-P.S. We don't do smut or any rated M stuff

anything else // It's a graphic shop

characters // SteezyTwee, YourWriter, and all the hotties, bishies, and more

SteezyTwee  on says:
Do you accept advertising for graphic shops?
We only have 1 chapter though, unless you count the description/foreword then that'd be 2 >.<

hansolite  on says:
Username: hansolite
How good are you in advertising: good
Grammar: English is my first language
How active are you?: I'm logged in here everyday :)

purplepop  on says:
username: purplepop

story: Past, Present, and Dead

storylink: http://www.fanficoverflow.com/story/view/213/

asphyxy  on says:
Application form {cos I wanna work here}
How good are you in advertising: 3.5
Grammar: 5
Active-ness: 5 (I'm on FFO mostly every day)

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