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by xbrxnx
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Kim Jiwon, Lee Yena(OC), and more to come


He was the new student.

He was loved by all.

He was just like her.

Same opinions...

Same goals...

Same hearts...

So he couldn't understand...

why did they hate only her?





Kim Jiwon


Lee Yena



[Author's Note; Hi! I'm new to this site but I'm very familiar with how it works since it's pretty similar to AFF ouo. Anyways... This is probably one of the typical high school stories but it's a bit more on a serious tone. I do hope you'll enjoy it! And please do comment on whether or not it's a good story - comments are highly appreciated. :) <3 Thank you for taking your time to read this. 

Created : 27/02/2015
Ended : -
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Author: xbrxnx

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