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Baekhyun, Lily (OC)


Baekhyun is the Prince of Utopia.


Lily is a newbie, a stranger, and a mysterious girl.


How do they connect with each other? There's only one way to find out.


Utopia? Literally?”

“No. It's actually quite the opposite,” Zion looked at her, smiling sheepishly, “yeah, sure, people just live how they want but there's really something in the heart of this city.”

Lily's eyebrows had met in confusion, “What do you mean, Zion?”

“You have to find it out there,” The red-haired boy pointed at the tallest building in the middle of the city. Exactly the heart. “There, lives the royal family.”

Lily looked at where he was pointing at, she saw a tall, cylindrical building, covered with tinted glass. The city was almost like a mountain, at its sides were just those normal bungalows, but as you reach the middle part, the buildings and houses get modernized, their structures and positions almost by its height. She had to admit, the building where the royal family lives gives the unordinary vibe, like it's not the same with the other buildings standing beside it. 

“What does this city's secret has to do with me transferring here?” Lily knew where this was going, but she needed a confirmation.

“Exactly,” Zion sighed and faced her, his left elbow leaning onto the gutter of the veranda, “you were sent here because Lily, you have to set this city right.”

The girl stared at him intently. Lily didn't know what was to react and to say.

“You have to know what this city is hiding, you have to know what does the royal family really do, and you have to destroy them.”

Lily whistled and looked again ahead of her, the sun had set already and the tall buildings were creating a shadow out from the sunlight. It was beautiful yet exciting. The idea of sun rising thrilled her, for it meant ‘new day’. “And what if I accomplish those things? Who will rule this city?”


“You. Lily, the Princess of Modern Utopia.”

Hello! I'm here with my story, Prince of Utopia! :) feel free to add me here and talk to me! Thank you!

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