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Wendy Son, Park Chanyeol, Kang Minhyuk, Bang Minah, and more


When a grown up man or woman would remember their days of high school, their expressions are either filled with nostalgic bliss or sheer irritation. Either one would want to remember the moments wherein they experienced the best of their youth or they want to neglect the moments as if it never happened at all. However, there are a handful of people who feels both at the same time. The same thing goes for my situation, I suppose. I shudder in embarrassment when I look back at the humiliating actions I have done but I do not want to forget on how much it changed my life and how it opened doors for my future. I can't help but smile when I look at the numerous pictures that I have saved, no matter how weird my friends and I looked or how random the poses we did. 

Wendy Son is a woman who is known for her smart use of words and pure personality. Even if she has a handful of responsibilities to attend to like her after school organizations and academies, it doesn't show on her academic records. She still maintains her stand as one of the top ten of the batch. However, she was bullied by some of her batch mates because of her previous weight and an unfortunate rumor of her poor hygiene.

Park Chanyeol is a man who has a hidden skill in Mathematics but is more known for his abilities in soccer and photography. While the former varsity trainings happen during Monday and Wednesday, the latter occurs during Tuesday and Thursday; the only time that he has for himself is during Friday afternoons. He is very dedicated and passionate, but he's  a coward who runs away from his problems.

Kang Minhyuk is a man who is naturally intelligent; he usually aces his exams without exerting effort by looking at his past notes or making reviewers. He has an aura that is appealing at first sight and it grows as you get to know him more. He also has an affinity with words but he applies them with the usage of his unique sense of humor. Although he seems like an ideal man material, his complicated and painful past is shrouded by his silence and mysteriousness.


Bang Minah is a woman who is notable for her responsible nature and efficiency to handle pressure filled tasks. She is neat and polished and usually keeps her things in order, especially her daily reminders that are placed in post-it notepads. She also has a hidden talent for dancing which can easily capture the hearts of a crowd. Even if her kind nature and warmth radiates through her personality, she has an inner scariness that only a few people can see.



Wendy Son  Park Chanyeol  Kang Minhyuk  Bang Minah





Author's Note:

Hello to all of my readers and welcome to the newly revamped version of "Total Focus!" I hope that my readers who have always been there since the beginning have read my temporary advisory because I explained the reason of the story's sudden change. I promise that the newly edited version will be a lot better than before. I honestly confess that I half assed two of its previous chapters so I believe that you don't deserve it.

Besides revolving around the lives of high school students, there will be events like newspaper club and photography club meetings because it is very vital to the lives of the main leads. In addition, I applied an annual event that usually happens in the Philippines to the story because it will be one of the most important parts of the story. Also, beware of events like bullying, terms of the journalism and photography world (if you're not really into that kinds of stuff), and sudden death (yes guys).

This story is inspired by "Reply 1997," "Middle School Student A," and all of the memories that I had with my closest friends in high school. My final years with them have been so amazing that I decided to dedicate this story to all of them.

Overall, I hope that you would like this story! I pray for everyone's love and support because I'm very nervous about its events (especially that some of it really happened to me before).

Thank you so much to Here's to Never Growing Up Graphics on Asianfanfics and the main creator for this amazing poster! This is more than what I have exactly imagined and planned for my story so this meant a lot to me. You guys are so awesome and I hope for more success with your shop in the future! Check them out by clicking the banner below!

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