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Rena Sina, is casted into the search for the Philosopher's Stone once she meets a short golden-haired boy with golden eyes to match and his metal suited younger brother.

Having lived a live without ever meeting a man, or any person of the opposite gender, Rena is hesitant when she meets them. She learns the cautions of being a woman during her journey and also begins to show the world the true meaning of "innocent".



"Who are you?" Mama's voice was loud, she'd opened the door to a boy who was almost my height but I was probably still a bit taller. A boy, I'd never actually met one. He's much shorter than the ones I've seen though. "A military dog? We don't need the likes of you here!"

She shut the door roughly in their faces, never had I seen her so angry or rude at another person. Then again, us Sina's weren't quite fond of men apparently, I wasn't so sure about myself but I knew for sure my mother hated them all.

"Ma," I called out standing behind the wooden beams of the staircase, a spot where no one from the door could see me. "Who were they?"

"State folk," She scowled, as if uttering their name was disgusting. "Don't ever---"

"Speak to men," I ansered quietly.

"Especially those from the military, they are all dogs and care for nothing but themselves."

I nodded sadly. "I understand."





Edward/Ed Elric

Age, 15






Alphonse/Al Elric

Age, 14






Rena/Re Sina

Age, 14

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