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Ciera | Niel


Welcome to Dreamland.

It’s a mystical, magical place that will take you into a whole new dimension, a different world, located very far away from the real world. All that you have to do is to close your eyes. And I will lead you through it all.

When Ciera already knew that it’s dangerous for her to keep on following the demon’s apprentice words, she kept on forcing herself to sleep just to enter back the mysterious Dreamland that she was first brought into.

While Niel, knowing that there’s no way for him to wake Ciera up from her dreams, continued to mislead her because he had to. If he doesn’t, he’ll never be able to escape from the devil again.

There are rules when you’ve entered Dreamland. One, Dreamland will make you feel like you’re in heaven and two; you can never go back to your real world once you’ve started liking Dreamland. So, are you still interested?

“It’s okay. Follow me.”

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