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by AliCE_WondeRLAND00
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Marie Dashwood, a young and fine lady of 23, very free spirit,open minded and very Adventuress, but soon her world comes crumbling down when maries mother annouces that she was to be engaged to the neighbor kingdom's prince. Marie strongly protestes. The Prince ,Willam of 26 himself protested against the marriage, begging for his life, that if he gets married he will no longer have his freedom, it's just exactly what his parents wants, since he's so irresponsible, and disrespectful towards them, hoping that maybe this marriage will teach him to more mature and grown up. When marie and william finally met each other, boy they loath each other, but when a new journey full of danger and mystery calls forth new feelings will arise.



sorry this will be my first time writing these kinda stories, but I hope you do enjoy it, first part is based off from BRAVE 



Marie DashWood


-crown princess


-stands up for what she believes in

-at times act before thinking

-loves archery

-very down to earth




William Cosworth



-crown prince


-very bias

-throws small fits




-marie's childhood friend








-lover/mistress of the prince




-wants power

-wants to be queen

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DestinyDAL  on says:
I like your description. I think it's very interesting. I really like the characters you have. I wonder what will happen on this journey.

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