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The only way to survive, is to kill Her.

His fate.

His beautiful fear.





It’s almost dark. –she pulled into a space and grabbed her phone. 5.20 p.m. She sighed while watching the road. The traffic has gone even worse than a few minutes ago but she decided to give it a try. As soon as she started the engine, clouds were grumbling and poured a heavy rain. It was a tortured two-hour’ drive across downtown to her house. To her surprise, the rain didn’t last for long. She parked her car and looked around for people who might recognize her. By the time she decided to open her door, she noticed the lights were on. That’s odd, she thought. She slowly got out and slung her purse over her shoulder. As she turned towards the door, a hand grasped her arm and a deep desperate voice whispered in her ear. “We can’t do this here. Get in my car.”



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